Friday, December 24, 2010

Peanut Stack Harvest

Remember those stacks of peanuts that I just had to go photograph for Brad, well after a few months of drying in stacks the men got together and picked the peanuts the weekend before Thanksgiving. Brad informed me that it was time, so I headed over there with Blair and Nicole to see the process, take a few pictures, and sneak a little barbeque lunch at a nearby restaurant.

I tell you peanut picking was quite a spectacle! The highway next to the plot was lined with vehicles, and it seemed that every retired farmer from anywhere near here was present to view the antique picker put to use.

The antique tractor ran the picker by turning a belt. (That’s about all I know about that!)

peanut stack picking 111910 (1)

The men brought the stack over to the picker, removed the stack from the pole, and used a pitch fork to put the peanuts over into the picker – the picker that was salvaged from the burn pile!

peanut stack picking 111910 (25) peanut stack picking 111910 (35)Removing the pole

Below, they are throwing peanuts in the picker. The belt is continuously turning the wheels on the side.

peanut stack picking 111910 (14)peanut stack picking 111910 (15) peanut stack picking 111910 (16)

peanut stack picking 111910 (43)A good picture of the side

I have to include some video of the picker so that you can hear it and see how it shook!

And boy did that peanut picker make a mess! There was hay and dust flying everywhere and all over those working and those watching. And speaking of those working – it must have taken quite a few men to pick peanuts in the old days – there were 12 or so men out there helping out!

peanut stack picking 111910 (86)

After the peanuts go through the picker, where do they go? Why into a metal wash basin of course! And there must be two so that they can be swapped out when one gets full!

peanut stack picking 111910 (74)

peanut stack picking 111910 (69)The peanuts are falling into the basin on the right. The hay is a flyin’ all in the air and is all over the ground. And folks are back there enjoying the site!

The swap, then up and into the wagon!

 peanut stack picking 111910 (19) peanut stack picking 111910 (20) peanut stack picking 111910 (21)

peanut stack picking 111910 (18) The peanut wagon

The men gathered the hay blowing out of the picker and used Brad’s Grandpop’s hay baler to bale it into small bales. The hay baler was also driven with a belt turned by another tractor.

peanut stack picking 111910 (50)

I’m going to include a video that shows the baler better.

peanut stack picking 111910 (26)Peanut hay – cows love it!

It was a neat experience that I’m glad I got to see!

You can see the Georgia Farm Monitor’s video on these peanuts here.


Steph said...

I'm glad we have a peanut inverter and combine to do all that for us! No stacking involved!