Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Mama, rake!

Blair and I have been having a big time since I’ve been home on break. We have played and played! Blair has some particular things that she routinely does with each of us who are with her the most – she pulls out her pink chair with grandmom, she expects Brad to run her all over the house or let her play in the utensil drawer (why that is fun is a mystery) while sitting in his lap in a chair she dragged from the kitchen table, Mama ‘Cole’s house means a KitKat, she goes from one end of Gigi’s house to the other pulling out who knows what, and the thing she likes to do with me is go outside. That is wonderful until she wakes up at 7am wanting to swing when it’s 22 degrees outside!

One day, I raked up some pecan leaves for her to play in. I threw her in them, and she had a ball. She wanted me to do it over and over. But each time she crawled her way out of the pile, she said, “Mama, rake!” The pile just can’t be untidy before she jumps back in it!

The leaf pile has provided fun on multiple days – for Blair, mommy, and daddy! Here are some of the highlights!

loving the leaf pile 120310 (1)loving the leaf pile 120310 (13)Bringing me the rake. (Not because I asked but because she is determined for me to rake!) loving the leaf pile 120310 (32) loving the leaf pile 120310 (39) mama rake 120710 (7)Same thing, different day! mama rake 120710 (10) mama rake 120710 (11) mama rake 120710 (22)A pile as big as she is! mama rake 120710 (29) mama rake 120710 (32)Making her way out! in the leaves 120910 (31)Daddy jumps in. He’s so funny! in the leaves 120910 (43)Telling somebody to do something. (Probably telling Brad to jump in again because she knows he’ll do it!)in the leaves 120910 (54) in the leaves 120910 (66) in the leaves 120910 (41)So much fun!


CHERI said...

The things they like best are usually the cheapest....so why do we spend so much money? Mia and Reid love leaf piles too!

AA said...

This is adorable!! I love her personality. Happy New Year to the three of you!! Love you, Ash-a-lee!

Sadie Derstein said...

Your daughter is too precious! I love reading your blog! :)