Friday, December 10, 2010

The latest Blair things.

All the little things she does that I have to make notes about. She…

Says “daddy” now mostly but still uses “dada” too.

Sings the clean up song (just the “clean up” part) and is very good about picking up her toys when asked – most of the time. We’ve got the stubbornness against us but the love of all things clean is right on our side!

Sings several parts of “Wheels on the Bus.”

Picks out the same books over and over to read: Goodnight Moon, I Love You Through and Through, Peek-a Who?, Bear Snores On, Brown Bear Brown Bear What do you See?, Five Little Ladybugs, The Big Red Barn (but cried when I told her the pigs were in the mud and dirty – HUGE tears. we don’t talk about them anymore.).

Is growing like a weed! I think she grew almost an inch from October to November.

Insists that we have to “wet dogs out” when we go outside, even though they knock her down almost every time. And she can tell them apart better than I can!

Loves to take the scraps plate to the chickens.

Tells everyone to “come on.” Especially her daddy. She says “C’mon daddy” while patting her hip with her hand as if she were calling a puppy.

Loves drawing, play doh, singing in the car, swinging, playing games with daddy, pickles, “mac mac mac cheese,” baby Einstein movies (still!),

Also eats spaghetti o’s, grilled cheese, grilled PB&J, green beans, and still loves yogurt. She’s good with breakfast and snack – cereal, waffle, pancakes, french toast, nutrigrain bar, chocolate fiber one bar, plain bread. No meat, no other veggies but sweet potatoes and an occasional carrot. Does this mean I’m a bad mama?!

Has eczema behind her knees and wants to put “medicine on it.”

Now sleeps like her daddy – on her back, arms above her head… very seldom do we see the booty in the air and hands under her belly.

Knows all the basic colors and shapes – square, triangle, circle, diamond. She recognizes a few letters – w and o are her favorites.