Saturday, December 11, 2010

It’s a good thing layering is “in.”

Blair goes through these little phases when she really, really likes something. Except the paci  -- it isn’t really a phase; it’s semi-permanent. And the daddy thing is not a phase either. She’s hooked on her daddy. The newest thing though -- she’s really into hiding things under her arms. It’s so cute. And going outside. It doesn’t matter if its 22 degrees, she wants to swing first thing in the morning. And when I’m home, we usually go, but I try to hold her off until 9am!

The other things she’s into? Her tie-dyed t-shirt we made at Aunt Linnie’s house, her owl dress from her birthday, and her blue bow. At any given moment you might find her wearing all of these things plus whatever she had on initially underneath it all.

The blue bow is a mystery to me because Blair’s favorite color is purple. However, almost every time I put her down for a nap, after I take her hearing aids and her bow out (the one that matches her outfit), she wants to put on that blue bow to sleep in! So I let her. (It’s all about choosing battles, right?)

washing washing and riding gus 120910 (29) Purple dress. Blue bow!

For the past few days especially, she wants to wear that owl dress all the time. Take the other night for example. She had on pajamas, her tie-dyed t-shirt, and the owl dress. With the blue bow. And then several nights she has gone to bed with the owl dress on over her pajamas. I take it off of her after she goes to sleep.

The layers are hilarious. She likes shorts over her pajamas. The other day she had on long sleeve and long pant pajamas, purple pajama shorts, her tulle skirt, and the owl dress. According to a website I was on today, layering is “in,” so this girl is right on with her style!

I have another post to write about making play dough, and she’s wearing mismatched pajamas with her tie-dyed t-shirt over them. (She’s also wearing the tie-dyed shirt in the pictures of her decorating the Christmas tree.) If she sees that shirt, she begs to put it on. The girl knows what she wants!

Update… it’s been a few weeks since I wrote this post (school derailed my posting it), and now we’ve added an apron to the mix. She’s worn the apron several days now – all day long. She always picks the same one – the green short one I have – and I fold it upwards and tie it so that it won’t be too long.

cookies and sprinkles and the apron of course 120710 (3)

If she’s this opinionated about her clothes at age 2, I’m scared to see what’s in store for us later!