Monday, December 27, 2010

Dolls and Shoes

I would not say that Blair is a doll lover… yet. She has dolls and likes them, but she’d rather put four outfits on herself (all on top of each other) than dress her doll.

However, Blair’s Aunt Linnie gave her the M&D magnetic dressing dolls (more like a modern day paper doll) for Christmas, and those things busied her for an entire 30 minutes today. That’s a long time – we’re talking about a kid who sits still no longer than about 7 seconds at a time. And she does not watch much tv at all. Some moms can turn on a tv show or movie and get a bit of housework done. Not in our house!

dolls 122710 (2) dolls 122710 (8)

Her favorite part about the dolls? The shoes! The itty bitty as-tiny-as-your-fingernail shoes! I was going to put them in a “snack bag” and put them up, but as soon as Blair spotted them, she had to have them. She named them by color: “red shoes,” “white shoes….”

dolls 122710 (4) dolls 122710 (7)dolls 122710 (11) dolls 122710 (14)

Mommy had fun too – what a cute toy!


Unknown said...

Mia has one of these and loves it! Have fun!

rebecca said...

we HAVE to get these! you described julia exactly with the no tv watching, sitting for 7 seconds, etc. she does love shoes!

CHERI said...

I think we gave Mia the same set...Abby & Emma (which are the names of two of her friends!) She enjoys them and talks and talks as she plays. Such imagination.