Friday, December 17, 2010

Cotton Elementary: The Cotton Boll

Brad has just finished harvesting this year’s cotton, for which we are so thankful. They were still harvesting last year’s crop in the spring this year because the rain was so bad last winter. Right now, Brad says they’re “scrapping.” Whatever that means.

I realized that I never posted my pictures of a cotton boll opening. I really need to redo this project next year because my school schedule interfered with my taking the pictures every day at the same time. But you can get the picture from what I have!

Here is the boll right after Brad picked it. If the boll is mature and ready, it will open after being pulled from the plant.

0920 1

Two days later, the boll has opened nicely and the cotton has begun to lose moisture (causing it to fluff), but the cotton has only fluffed slightly and is still pretty compact.

0922 2

Just one day later, the cotton has lost more moisture and fluffed out a good bit more.

0923 3

And the next day, the cotton is much the same, maybe a tad more fluffed.

0924 0924 3

And this is today, after sitting on the dash of my car since the end of September (almost three months) – nice and poofed!


If this boll had not been pulled from the plant, it would have taken a bit longer to open, but you get the idea, right?!


Steph said...

Glad yall are finished! We've been finished over a month! We finished last year on Dec. 15th because of all the rain. We didn't start till Nov. 2nd. Anyways, "scrapping" means, going back and re picking the cotton for a second time. Sometimes it's a waste of time/fuel/money to do it, but when the cotton was picked the first time, if all of it hadn't opened yet, you can scrap pick it and go back and get what has opened since then.

Jen Price said...

Makes me think of W. TX where my husband is from!