Friday, December 3, 2010


Some little things I’ve caught Blair doing lately…

“Shaving her leg” with the wide Aquadoodle pen.

Going into the fenced in yard and barking at the gate – and insisting that I do the same. And of course I do it.

Blowing her nose on a fabric softener sheet I gave her to put in the dryer.

Exclaiming, “GOOD JOOOOB!” after she takes her medicine or does something else she thinks was good (like putting something up in the pantry by herself or putting on her shirt or socks by herself).

Exclaiming, “Wooow!”

Saying, “alright” at random times – she got this from mommy. And now mommy realizes how much she says it!

Using her dress to wipe dirt off of a painted concrete wall (during her two year pictures).

Trying to clean the drippings that somehow appeared behind the glass on the oven door.

Holding her short sleeve tie-dyed shirt up to the space heater after her daddy told her she couldn’t wear it to bed because she needed to wear something warm. (Smart girl!)

Saying, “Watch out!” when the dogs got close to her – because that’s what I say when she’s about to get knocked down!


Janet Phillips said...

lol....your little girl is just too cute!

Linsey said...

so sweet!

Amy said...

this is hilarious! i think my favorites are the shaving with the aquadoodle pen and blowing her nose in the dryer sheet - what a character! :)

AA said...

SOOO sweet. Love the space heater one! VERY smart girl!