Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Zoo

Blair and I had a busy trip to Atlanta last week. She saw the early intervention specialist at the Atlanta Speech School first. She started with a farm animal activity. Blair has known farm animals for months and months, and she acted like she didn’t know them at all. It’s the funniest thing… sometimes when we go up there, she acts like she doesn’t know anything. We put two animals on the table and asked her to get a specific one, and she chose the wrong one. Every time. I told her teacher that Blair had to be doing that on purpose because farm animals were cake for her – in fact, I think she might have been a bit bored – but I don’t know that the teacher believed me. She said that maybe Blair didn’t recognize her farm animals because they were different, or that she didn’t recognize the onomatopoeia sounds, but Blair points out farm animals in every book, puzzle, and farm she sees and knows what they all say (she doesn’t say all of them correctly, but she tries). Maybe I’m just stuck in a cloud of severe denial, but I think that the child is smart enough to pick the wrong animal intentionally. I don’t think she would have done it every single time on accident. And, one of Blair’s past games with her daddy is playing with a little four shape sorter we have. She tries to put the blocks in all of the wrong holes first and saves the correct one for her last try. Brad says, “Nooooooo…” every time she tries one that doesn’t fit, and she laughs and laughs. And if you try to get her to put it in the right one, she won’t until she’s tried all of the others! Anyway.

After dropping some clothes off at my brothers’ apartment, we headed over to Grant Park, which was gorgeous, and the zoo. It was a beautiful 60 degrees and a sunny day – a perfect day for the zoo. Blair loved it. I think her favorites were the giraffes, the lion, and the snakes – of all things! She liked the elephants and the meerkats too.

first trip to zoo 111910 (1)Checking out the Meerkats.

 first trip to zoo 111910 (3)“Two Meerkats!”

She tried to count the giraffes. If there is more than one thing, she always says, “two…” no matter how many. So she said, “two giraffe.” And when counting each, she can say one, but doesn’t get past that on her own. I helped her count them since there were four (one baby!).

first trip to zoo 111910 (7) Excited to see giraffes!

first trip to zoo 111910 (9)

And she wanted the lion to get up. She kept saying, “wake up lion!” with a hand motion as if she were directing a choir to stand up.

When we went to the reptile building, I showed her a snake or two then the frogs, but whenever I showed her a frog, she wanted to see a “big snake” instead. Then she wanted to see “other big snake.”

We had a great time, and I really want to take her back when Brad can go. I wasn’t able to get really good pictures since I had her by myself and was very vigilant about the kids near her and what she touched. She certainly would love Brad there too!

After the zoo, we played in Grant Park for a few minutes. Singing “fall leaves are falling down.”

first trip to zoo 111910 (22) first trip to zoo 111910 (23) 

first trip to zoo 111910 (24)first trip to zoo 111910 (25)

I had a hard time getting the sunglasses away from her after she saw them on the seat of the car.

first trip to zoo 111910 (26)first trip to zoo 111910 (28)

Throwing and kicking leaves

first trip to zoo 111910 (31) first trip to zoo 111910 (36) first trip to zoo 111910 (39) first trip to zoo 111910 (41) first trip to zoo 111910 (44) And she’s gone.

The trip home and what happened after is another whole long story. Short version: picked up new chickens, found out next day one new chicken was sick, chicken died, gave others away. The story includes lots of antibiotics, disinfectant, and stress on me and on the poor chickens. Lesson learned. I will not be buying adult chickens again unless I know the person from whom I’m getting them. More on that later – I have lots o’ tests this week and next! Then I hope to catch up on these blog posts I have in the works!


Amy said...

Blair is such a cutie - she looks like she is just full of personality. I totally believe that she is smart enough to pick the wrong animal....dontcha hate when they do that? you know they know it and then they act completely clueless and you feel crazy even though you know you're not - haha....can you tell we've had that experience before? :)

CHERI said...

I think I've had students do the same thing!!!! Good luck on your tests.