Monday, November 1, 2010

Language and Time

I have a time issue. I have at least 10 posts in the works and have no time to get them finished because I have at least the same number of tests in the next few weeks. In fact, I have FIVE tests the week after Thanksgiving. Isn’t that illegal or something?! And to think I was thinking I would go to Ga Tech at UGA that Saturday.

So until I get all of those posts completely ready with pictures and all, I’m throwing in a quick update.

Blair started saying n regularly on her birthday. About a week later, all of a sudden came w (a real w, which before was sort of a b). So now we’re no-ing (really no ma’am – she’s super good about saying no ma’am), and washing all the time. (Well, it’s more like wah, but I’ll take it! And yes, she washes everything. It’s cute and scary all at the same time. I’m kind of junky; what is the Queen of Clean going to think about that?!) Seriously. What is the deal with me and parentheses? I love them for some reason. Back to my update….

After the w for w words came, she started using w for r and l words – just like she’s supposed to at this age! These are all little steps, but they are steps! We still have b, beginning p, and e to work on, but she’s doing great!

Thanks so much for your prayers! We do appreciate them as always.


AA said...

Soo awesome!! That's huge! Go Blair!

And her Halloween costume was PERFECT. What a creative idea....those pictures are gorgeous. The green background, the lighting and sweet should blow them up and hang them in the house!

Good luck with your tests!!