Wednesday, November 17, 2010

And then there were five.

I lost another chicken. I have no idea what happened this time. No feathers or anything, but I’m definitely missing a Barred Rock. Now I have two Wyandottes, two Barred Rocks, and a Production Red.

The only thing I can think of is that a hawk got her. There’s also a black cat that hangs out behind our house. I even saw him kill a squirrel this weekend, but I don’t think he would bother the chickens. They are so much bigger than he is. Who knows though! I hate I lost another one. I don’t know what we’re going to do about all these disappearing chickens – right from the middle of town!

The good thing? I’m getting three more on Friday. I had already planned to get them before this happened because we really need more eggs than we’re getting. The new ones are about the same age as my others, but they are Welsummers. They supposedly lay dark brown eggs. My sister bought some Welsummer chicks and was going to give me a hen or two, but it turned out that she only got ONE hen out of 12 chicks. At least I’ll have a rooster!

I think I might get another Production Red or two come spring. I really like the one I have a lot. She lays a huge brown egg with a few dark brown speckles – every single day. She’s really sweet too. She makes the most awful noise unlike any other hen I’ve heard, but that’s okay!

I’ll post pictures when I get my Welsummers settled. Hopefully my ladies are nice to them!


mountain mama said...

geez, that totally stinks. a hawk is my guess. but the lack of feathers is odd.

can't wait until we get some chikcens this spring. they are so fun to raise!

Kate said...

What's the difference between your hens and the type of eggs they lay?