Friday, October 8, 2010

Where We Live: The Kitchen

On Kelly's Korner Kelly is doing "Show Us Where You Live Friday," a virtual tour of homes. Our kitchen really hasn’t changed since my last post, except now Blair isn’t on oxygen all the time, so I don’t have the bottom of the fridge rigged so the tubing woudn’t get caught!

I really love our house. It is an older home that was Brad's grandfather's, and it has lots of character, including original glass doorknobs. Before we started dating Brad did a lot of work on the house and remodeled the kitchen. He did a wonderful job. He even designed the cabinets himself! The house is a perfect size for us right now, but the kitchen and bathroom (singular) are quite small. I had trouble taking pictures of the kitchen, because it only takes about three steps to walk across it! It's crowded when there are more than two people in there.

The view of our kitchen from the dining room door. Our refrigerator Looks cluttered, but it’s full of pictures, our calendar, and Blair’s toys, so I guess it’s okay!

Brad's mom looked high and low for a table for this kitchen. We use it every night during the week, and eat in the den on the weekends!

My tools I use every day: wooden spoons from Sis and D's and knives we got after we got married. I also love our frog canisters I got at a local boutique.

I love cookbooks, and this bakers rack holds many of them and a few pictures and decorative things.

Next to the baker's rack is the pantry, which is under the attic stairs. When I moved in, the pantry had one shelf and the hot water heater was right there when you opened door. Brad moved the hot water heater to the left, and I installed these shelves. It’s pretty cluttered looking when it’s full, but it’s fairly organized!

That’s about it – not much to it!


Anonymous said...

I love your kitchen! I just did a kitchen post too. :)
I have a new blog...
It will be public, I will still have my private one for family and such to see pictures of Q.

mountain mama said...

hey - that looks really familiar!! i love your home!

Unknown said...

It's great to have a pantry. I would love to have one. Especially with 2 teens.