Monday, October 4, 2010

Overwhelmed, Overbooked, and Overloaded

School has got my plate very full right now – fuller, I should say, because it’s full without school. School just adds to everything! Class, two big tests, a poster project, a short paper, a research paper, and two clinical days a week is trying to mess with my planning Blair’s birthday party! How could school even attempt to mess with that baby’s party? Ha. School thinks that school is the only thing that everybody does. Do you know that now we have to go to a just-now-created-and-scheduled nursing skills lab during class time one day in the next couple of weeks, and then if we want to make up the class, we have to go on Saturday?! I’ll probably go because I learn a lot from class, but I tell you that I’m not excited about adding yet another day of that hour drive to and from school to my week.

School is actually going fairly well. I just like to complain. You know, since I have so much time on my hands to do that. I wrote in my psych journal last week that I needed to be more positive. Maybe I’ll start that right now… and some of that school work that is patiently waiting for me to finish wasting time….

Speaking of positive -- I do have good news… I got my first choice for my practicum next semester!! Yay! I was the only student that wanted the hospital I chose, so it was no problem for me to get a spot in their ER. It’s a great hospital, and it’s not too far from my house (as far as far goes when one lives in the boonies). I’m so excited and can’t believe I am already planning my last semester of nursing school! Wow! (How’s that for positive?!)

And how about some positively precious?!

blair 092710 (20)

Now on to that school work.


mountain mama said...

bless your heart.

i could be a wee more positive today too...sigh.

have a great {busy} week! :)

Leah said...

I totally sympathize! I feel so overwhelmed by school, too, but just keep telling myself that it will be worth it when it's over (if it ever is! haha)

You can do it!!!!!