Monday, October 18, 2010

Just Cute

Sunday we had a few of those moments when Brad and I just smile.

After Sunday school, we picked Blair up from Brad’s parents’ house and went out to the golf course to get a couple of to go plates. While we were waiting, we sat at one of the tables where Blair played with the sweetener packets. She collected all of the blue ones. Then she realized that it might be a fun game to drop them. So she did. And she exclaimed, “OH NOOO!” every time.

026crop Silly.

Then Brad took her outside while I paid. When I got out there, she had picked up all of the rectangular tee markers from the first tee and brought them to the center of the tee box, sorted into colors – blue, white, and yellow side by side. She had picked all six of them one by one and carried each as if it were a really important gift.

Later, we went on a golf cart ride, and we found some really small citrons (fake watermelons) in the watermelon fields. She tried to bite every one Brad handed her.


And she carried my phone around – supported by her shoulder -- as if she were talking on it.


Cotton boll in her teeth. (?)


I have a super busy week, but when I get a chance, I’m going to post a giveaway! Check back soon!


Amy said...

She is such a doll! Libbi will put her phone on her shoulder and mimc me talking, too. It makes us laugh every time (and is a nice little reminder that there are ALWAYS little eyes watching!) :)

Amy said...

...oops! I meant "mimic" not mimc :)

mountain mama said...

i love days like that!

she is learning and changing so fast, so fun to see!

good luck with your busy week.

Bekah said...

oh wow. I am a new reader...I came because someone I read regularly posted about your giveaway, but I just have to say...she is SO cute!