Saturday, October 9, 2010

Celebrating Two Years of Blair

Dearest Blair,

Today was a tough day for us two years ago. Your daddy and I were given the best blessing of our lives, but it took many of God’s miracles and a lot of praying before we brought you home! (MUCH less important -- your daddy lost a whole field of really good cotton to a tiny hail storm the day you were born. He likes to talk about that because it was a hard day all around.) God has been so good to us over these two years, and we are so blessed to have you in our lives. We never imagined how much we could enjoy a little person! Your personality is beyond describable. You do one of your little things, and your daddy and I just look at each other and smile. It happens every day.

blair 2nd bday 015 SUCH a big girl!

Even today we have laughed and laughed at you. I just started a new “game” with you when I chase you and tickle you under your arms. Tonight, I told you I was going to get your arm pit (I know. This is a terrible phrase, but you know most all of the body parts. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to know a new one – as crude as it sounds.), and you put your hands over your eyes to “hide.” Then, you took them off of your eyes really fast, crossed your arms in front of you, and shoved your hands under your arms like SNL’s Mary Katherine Gallagher as if you were protecting yourself! It was hysterical. When I finally got you on one side, you wanted me to do the “ah ahm mmm” (or however you say pit through your nose) or “other arm pit.”

blair 2nd bday 013

You wear 24 months clothes. They are too big, but the smaller sizes are too short. You weigh over 20 pounds. We’ll find out this week exactly. You wear a size 3 diaper and size 5 shoe. You get up around 7am, nap at 1pm for two to three hours (always three at Gigi’s for some reason), and go to bed at 7:30 or so. You still get breathing treatments in the morning and evening, and you still need oxygen many nights, although you do seem to be getting better.

What are you up to? Well, I happen to have a long list!

  • You like to throw yourself in your little chair – either running and diving or you stand up and jump to sitting. You think it’s hilarious.
  • You adore outside – especially the “ssss…ing” (swing).

blair 2nd bday 217

  • Not only do you need a “da,” you need “ah da” too (other da)
  • You nap from 1 to around 3 or 4, and you wake up hungry. You either want “ice mmm” (ice cream) or a “nack” (snack) which you have confused with “snap,” so you clap your hands as if the alligator were snapping when you say “nack”!
  • You go through the diapers to look for all the ones with Elmo. You throw the rejects to the side saying, “nope.” When you find an Elmo, you exclaim, “Ed-doe!” You do the same thing with books – nope, throw a book, nope, throw a book….
  • You love to brush mommy’s hair. And you want your hair brushed as soon as we get to your room after your bath.
  • You love ice.

blair 2nd bday 258 blair 2nd bday 259

  • Washing dishes has become one of your favorite indoor things. You sing “ah, ah, ah, ah” (wash, wash, wash…)
  • I started riding one of your babies on the rocking horse and let her fall off saying “OH NOOO!” Then we pick her up, listen to her cry (sometimes you’ll help me make crying sounds), and hug her. Now you want to do that all the time.
  • When we’re outside, you want the “dog out.” You think it’s so funny when Gus rolls in the grass. You laugh and say, “Gu ‘oll!” You can say “Gus” with a “s” now too, but we’re still working on doing it all the time. You like to watch them go get the ball.
blair 2nd bday 007

blair 2nd bday 231 blair 2nd bday 234

And Buddy should definitely pick up the ball when you say – or you might make him!

  • You love to collect chicken eggs.
  • When you daddy gets home, you tell him, “doan, dada” (come on), drag him in the den, and point to the rug telling him to “’it down” – which you will also say with an “s” if we slow you down for a second! You love playing with dada.
  • You love purple. Purple crayon, play-doh, clothes, anything. That’s what you always pick first.
  • We think it’s so funny when you imitate Gus’ panting with his tongue sticking out.
  • You know when you’re not supposed to do something. You might be a tad sneaky. ;)

blair 2nd bday 004

  • You think the kitchen tongs are like duct tape and WD40. You got them the other day to open a container, you used them to tote a pear around the house, and when I was trying to open something in the kitchen, you got them out as if they were going to do the trick!
  • You know where we live and tell us when we’re “home”! You also know when we are a “ga-gone”’s house (Grandmom – which as of this week you can now say pretty well) and Gigi’s house. There’s no way to write how you say “Gigi.” It’s through your nose somehow!
  • You are very particular about many things. You don’t want the sippy cup tops mixed. The original color top must be on its cup even though they are interchangeable. You don’t want a bit of food on your clothes or dirt on your hands. You almost had a fit the other night because you couldn’t get the water droplets off the side of the tub.

blair 2nd bday 237

  • Speaking of fits, you don’t throw too many, but we do see them! In fact, you have thrown up in your bed a few times in the last month because you were mad… or too tired. You wanted ice cream to day for lunch and cried when I said no. I explained to you that you could not have ice cream until you ate your pasta, so you stopped crying, ate your pasta, and then ate your ice cream!
  • You sort colors and know yellow, orange, green, purple, and sometimes blue.
  • You love “toaf” (toast) – dry toast, cheese toast, cinnamon toast, french toast, or just plain bread – any bread will do.
  • When we pick up blocks, you say “cnnn up” and insist on trying to pick up two blocks at a time with one hand (like mommy and daddy do). You can’t without help though, so mommy ends up picking them all up while you try over and over to pick up two with one hand. And you don’t want help.
  • You fan book pages like a big girl!
  • You like to sit in your big girl chair instead of your high chair.
  • Your new thing is to take your pacis outside in a zipper seal bag. You also like to put your food in a zipper bag to take with you.

 blair 2nd bday 026

  • Tonight, you said “NO!” to the dogs – with an “n” at the beginning!! Your “no” had been “on” for quite some time. Then we came in and got ready for bed, and you told your daddy “nigh, nigh” with an “n” -- and that long “i” in true south Georgia style!! That was a huge breakthrough! You started using “m” and “n” at the beginning of words in the last two weeks (except for “mama” – you’ve said that for a while).
  • Your vocabulary continues to grow, both receptively and expressively. I feel like if we can unlock that “e” through your nose, we will be on our way to good clarity.
  • You’re using two and three word sentences – they just aren’t understandable to everyone.


We are so proud of you. Your determination is amazing; you do everything with 110% effort. We are so thankful that God gave you to us, and we tell him that every day.

We love you lots!

mommy and daddy


Janet Phillips said...

awww....she's beautiful!! I hope she had a wonderful birthday!!

AA said...

How sweet, Ash!! Love the pic of her in the car on the slide and the last two with you. It sounds like she sounded out a lot of new letters and combinations recently! Go Blair and Happy Birthday!!

A Peach and A Jeep said...

Happy Birthday Miss Blair! She's so precious!