Saturday, September 25, 2010

UGA in my sight, Jackets in my heart.

So last week we went to the Georgia game. If you read here you know that I’m a Yellow Jacket. My dad went there; my brothers are there right now. I’ve been a Georgia Tech fan for my whole life, and I’ve heard it all from just about every single Georgia fan I have ever known.

Even though I’m not a UGA fan, I love college football and a good game, and I thought this UGA vs. Arkansas game would be a good one. Plus, I got to go with Brad and his dad, and that’s always fun!

We stopped for lunch on the way up there. Traffic was pretty bad, so we were a tad late. It was a beautiful day – we were thankful our seats are in the shade – and the stadium was pretty full. There was a lot of red! This was my contribution.

004Red toes. I just can’t handle any more red than that on gameday.

I did, however, buy Blair a red and white striped UGA dress. It’s cute, but I mainly bought it so that I could get her a Tech one. Just kidding. But I’ll probably still get her a Tech one. After all, she already has a bow to match!

UGA lost in a heartbreaking finish, but Georgia Tech won! I kept swiping Brad’s phone to keep up with the score.

My next game in Athens? Hopefully UGA vs Georgia Tech! I told Brad’s dad that I would be wearing yellow, so he said he would wear red pants and shoes!

On the way home, we stopped in Juliette to take a peek at the Whistle Stop Cafe. Juliette was completely shut down, but we did get to see the neat little street where everything is.

005 007 009 010 012The Whistlestop Cafe

013 The Sherriff’s office. Ha. It was about as big as a child’s playhouse!

Then we found a little campground that also had cabins on the river. It was neat. Brad and I skipped some rocks, which is always fun.

014 042

018 022 025 040 041

Our last little treat was stopping at my parents’ house for dove, grits and biscuits for supper. Made my day. Well, that and the Yellow Jacket WIN! But we lost today against NC State – oh well.


CHERI said...

Your Uncle Johnny is sitting here happy as a bug in a rug cause GA SOUTHERN won and UGA is losing!!!
By the way, my first cousin's daughter is now a cheerleader at TECH. Go Yellow Jackets!