Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Plastic Surgery

I had plastic surgery last week. On my chest.

Unfortunately, the surgery did not include any sort of lifting, augmenting, or reducing – or lifting. Darn. Maybe next time.

This time I had to have an irregular (dysplastic) mole removed. I had had the mole biopsied, and it came back atypical so the dermatologist wanted to remove the surrounding tissue. He felt that since the mole was in the center of my chest a few inches below my collar bones that it would be best if a plastic surgeon did the job. So he did.

I would say that he was awesome because he was. He was super-nice and talked about stuff with me during the whole procedure. However, I haven’t seen what my 1 1/2 inch incision looks like yet, so the jury is still out. I’m supposed to leave the tape on as long as it will stay, so I guess we’ll see!


Jen said...

Goodness...I hope you are okay.

AA said...

Hope it heals well! Glad they caught it! Once the doc says its ok, use ScarGuard -- it is the best at making scars almost completely disappear.

CHERI said...

Sure hope all will turn out well. You were wise to have it seen about. Our family's history with the Big C is definitely something to take seriously.

mountain mama said...

yikes! not of sharp things. glad you got it taken care of!

Unknown said...

Ashlee...thanks so much for visiting my blog! Looks like we have lots in common. I have had so many skin cancer surgeries I've lost count :( Hang in there! I'm enjoying reading about your life, and finding all our similarities as farmers wives. I've got to do a better job at blogging. 3 kids + homeschooling + farming takes most the time (duh, right?!)