Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Daughter the Dog

Seriously, Blair has way more imagination than I could ever hope to have. Tonight Brad, Blair, my friend Nicole, and I were sitting on the den floor talking and playing with Blair, who all of a sudden starts rolling around on the floor -- wollowing all around on her back smiling. Brad asked her if she was acting like Gus. She thinks his rolling is hysterical and laughs every time – like she did in the video in this post.

She immediately got in a crawling position, and she pretended to EAT off of the floor! Then she took off running to the back of the house.

She came back about 20 seconds later with a BALL IN HER MOUTH. Seriously. And once again she rolled all on the floor with the ball in her mouth. One of the funniest things she’s done yet. I can’t get over the stuff she picks up on! And we haven’t played with that ball in ages… how did she know where to get that?!


I raced into the kitchen to grab a camera. (She usually wears clothes. I had taken her dress she wore to Atlanat off because Nicole had brought her her very favorite treat – a Kit Kat – and I would rather do preventative stain removal! It was bath time anyway.) Brad and I just kept looking at each other like we always do. She’s just amazing to us.


Unknown said...

Kids pick up on everything!!