Saturday, September 11, 2010

It’s a Snowin’

It’s south Georgia snowin’ because it’s cotton picking time! I love to see the cotton tumble out of the boll buggy into the module builder. It IS like snow!

cotton time 091010 (1)


Brad and the guys started yesterday with a small field. They’re ironing some things out to get going steady for the next month or so – depending on the weather. This is the earliest that Brad remembers defoliating and picking. He said that he can’t ever remember defoliating in August. I guess the summer’s heat may have something to do with it.

cotton time 091010 (5)

Last year, the weather was so bad there were farmers picking cotton in February and March, and I even heard that one picked some in May. That is CRAZY! Brad likes to be done well before Thanksgiving although that doesn’t happen always.

cotton time 091010 (6) cotton time 091010 (10)

A four lock boll, a five lock boll, and one that didn’t open; another four lock boll on the right

cotton time 091010 (11)

cotton time 091010 (13)You can see the sections of the boll in this one.

I’ve still got some more cotton elementary lessons planned. If you missed the first one, have a look to understand a little more about these picture descriptions! I had a request to talk about the cotton picker, and that was a great idea because it is a fascinating machine. I’ve got to get some pictures taken and brush up on my knowledge – it’s been a few years since I got the cotton picker tour -- and that post will be on its way! I’ve got another in the meantime, so stay tuned!

cotton time 091010 (15) cotton time 091010 (20)

cotton time 091010 (22)

Partially picked field. The inside of the leftover part of the boll is white, so it makes it look like there’s a good bit of cotton left. They look like wooden flowers – in fact, Brad and the guys had open cottonless bolls for their boutonnieres in our wedding.

cotton time 091010 (26)


CHERI said...

Hope Cotton Season '10 is a good one for ya'll.

AA said...

Can't wait for more lessons!

mountain mama said...

i'd rather see it in person, hint hint. :)

the fields are so beautiful to me!

our friends fried the dove - it reminded me a lot of chicken livers. very good.

still ponderin' on the cream cheese grits since i don't think i've ever had grits in my life. maybe once?

have a great week ashley!