Wednesday, September 1, 2010

It’s a great month.

You know why September is so great? I can give you two completely ridiculous reasons: college football and new tv. Oh, and it’s dove season. I love doves – to eat I mean (and to carry frozen ones around like baby dolls, but I gave that up when I was 4). It was this time last year when I posted about my favorite meal! Maybe my sweet hubby will get me a few this year too!

I know. It’s pretty ridiculous that I’m getting excited about football, food, and TV. It really is, but I just can’t help it. They’re just a few things that I enjoy.

TV is my escape on nights after everyone else is asleep! Shows on my DVR this season? Well there’s Grey’s Anatomy after an awesome season finale last year. I also like Glee, Brothers & Sisters, Desperate Housewives, The Mentalist, Amazing Race, and Survivor. Because of school, I won’t have time to watch them all, but they will be waiting for me on DVR when I do! And they provide great procrastination activities – TV and blogging both do that. Did I mention I have a Pharmacology test tomorrow?!

I really would love to write a post about my Yellow Jackets, but every time I do, it seems like they lose! I don’t know if I can refrain though. I’m so excited about Georgia Tech football this year. Have you seen

September is also the month before Blair’s birthday. Now THAT’s something fun to talk about!


Unknown said...

Must be in our blood cuz! I love September for the exact same reasons!!!

Anonymous said...

My hubby is so excited for college ball too, and of course hunting. Me, I'm excited for Sept because it means fall is almost here!