Thursday, September 9, 2010

Huntin’ Birds

Last Saturday was opening day of dove season, and Brad and I were able to go with a friend of ours. We went over a few counties to a field with a few rows of dried corn stalks and sat behind a blind for a few hours.

saturday 090410 (50)

saturday 090410 (56)

We got one bird. One. I didn’t shoot at all, and Brad probably only shot 5 times. We had fun though!

saturday 090410 (59)I saw a goose cloud!

saturday 090410 (60)And I swiped a few ears of corn for the chickens!

 saturday 090410 (63) Brad said no more pictures of him on here. So here’s me in my oh-so-comfy Under Armor camo shirt! (With some wild hair.)

Thankfully Brad was able to go again on Monday with some other folks and got enough birds for supper! I fried them of course, and we had biscuits and cheese grits. It don’t get no better than that! (Excuse the grammar; it was necessary.)


Unknown said...

you go girl! Don't forget to fry those grits!

Linsey said...

Mmm Mmm good!!

mountain mama said...

daniel is going dove hunting this evening, i'm not sure what to do with a dove in the kitchen??