Monday, September 20, 2010

Farmers’ Appreciation Day and Peanuts

Last week we had Farmers’ Appreciation Day down in these parts. We celebrated with some booths in town, an antique tractor display, a parade, and some live music. It was a pretty good time.

farmers appreciation day 091110 (6)The streets were blocked off with peanut wagons. farmers appreciation day 091110 (7) farmers appreciation day 091110 (15)Between the sun, the heat, and the gnats, I had a tough time getting a good picture of Blair! farmers appreciation day 091110 (90)Shriners farmers appreciation day 091110 (94)The gin’s float farmers appreciation day 091110 (103)Tractor with a peanut digger farmers appreciation day 091110 (107) Brad’s sister Kim and her boyfriend pulled a float.

Blair got to enjoy the day downtown for a bit. We watched the parade and walked around. It was super hot, and we were thankful we had a place to get some a/c (and watch the Tech game!).

farmers appreciation day 091110 (108) Cooling off in the dentist office where our booth appreciation day 091110 (115) Examining her smarties we got at the parade.

The AirEvac helicopter landed in the church parking lot. We have a station near us, and I believe there are 3 others in south Georgia. The helicopter was really neat. Blair wouldn’t get in by herself, but once we got in, she didn’t want to get out!

farmers appreciation day 091110 (27)Helicopter in the church parking lot that was blocked off with peanut wagons. farmers appreciation day 091110 (34) farmers appreciation day 091110 (35)

Then we went over to sit in the shade, and Blair found a new friend.

 farmers appreciation day 091110 (40)  She carried a purse around with two pacis: “da” and “ada” (other da)

farmers appreciation day 091110 (42)I’ll get ‘er appreciation day 091110 (46)Maybe I’ll try it this way. farmers appreciation day 091110 (49)Look, mama! farmers appreciation day 091110 (55) Kitty’s not too appreciation day 091110 (62)And she drops her. farmers appreciation day 091110 (70) Now I got her!

I am a member of our county’s Farm Bureau Women’s Committee, and we set up a little booth and sold homemade cakes by the slice. We sponsor agricultural programs in the school, so we were raising money to be able to do some fun activities with the kids. Last year we promoted vegetables, and one class made veggie pizzas. We also participated in Ag Day by bringing some animals to the school for the kids to see.

farmers appreciation day 091110 (4)farmers appreciation day 091110 (86) farmers appreciation day 091110 (87)Blair enjoying some red velvet cake – she loves it. Those black specs everywhere – they’re gnats. Awful little things.

This year the commodity we’re promoting for the school year is peanuts, so we will be working on some things to do with the kids to teach them about our state crop! Our fundraiser was a success, so we are excited about having an opportunity to do some fun things with the kids.

Farmers are digging peanuts right now. I love when I’m driving down the highway and all of a sudden smell peanuts that are drying in the sun. It happens quite often this time a year.

A few peanut facts from Georgia Farm Bureau…

  • Georgia produces all most half of all of our country’s peanuts and over half of the peanuts used for peanut butter. We also export the most peanuts. (
  • Peanuts are cholesterol free and low in saturated fat. They are 26% protein and contain vitamins and minerals.
  • The peanut is a legume instead of a nut.
  • Peanut butter is the leading us of peanuts in the USA; it is consumed by 89% of households.
  • Americans eat enough peanut butter in a year to make more than 10 billion PB&J sandwiches.
  • One acre of peanuts can make 30,000 sandwiches.
  • It takes about 540 peanuts to make a 12 ounce jar of peanut butter.


Unknown said...

That Dentist office belongs to my friends. I was hoping that you would meet them. They were there somewhere.

mountain mama said...

great post.
i hate gnats. hate. we don't have them in OK.

love the pics!!! blair's dress is super cute. thanks for the head's up for this weekend!

A Peach and A Jeep said...

Blair always has on the cutest clothes...where did you get the dress? Sounds like a fun time!