Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Because it’s Saturday.

Because it’s Saturday, we eat a chocolate chip cookie for breakfast (and then a waffle). And we wear our new purple fall/winter dress (backwards) with a big blue bow and while sandals with pink bows.

saturday 090410 (3)

And we go outside to play really early in the morning – in our new clothes.

saturday 090410 (4)

And we make funny faces while feeding the chickens.

saturday 090410 (5)

The chickens that we fed our wrinkly grapes.

saturday 090410 (6)

The chickens that we tried to catch (with no luck).

saturday 090410 (15)

But we had fun feeding them grapes!

saturday 090410 (18)

And collecting eggs!

saturday 090410 (26)

Because it’s Saturday, we swing after breakfast.

saturday 090410 (33)

And laugh at Gus scratching his back in the grass.

saturday 090410 (39)

“Guuuuus, what are you doing?”

saturday 090410 (40)

And we bark.

saturday 090410 (42)

And we tell Buddy “no, no!”

saturday 090410 (45)

And we play and we play and we play. Because it’s Saturday.

I was trying to get Blair to do her Gus impression, but she wouldn’t. I think I have a video of it already. I’ll see if I can locate it. She did do some cute stuff and say the “s” sound! My family will enjoy it at least!


CHERI said...

too cute!!!

Jen O'Daniel said...

I definitely enjoy seeing and hearing Blair on the video clip... but I really enjoy hearing your adorable Southern voice, too!! :)

Julia said...

I love that she gets chocolate chip cookies for breakfast. When I was growing up we were allowed to have ice cream for breakfast on the weekends and that is one of my favorite memories!

mountain mama said...

great pics. she is already getting bigger from the time i saw her. so, so cute!

have a great weekend ashley!