Monday, August 2, 2010

We have a layer!

On the way to the pool this morning (at 9:40!), Blair and I stopped by to check on the chickens, and we found our first egg! I was so excited!
The egg is a small brown one, and it was nested in the house and not in the laying boxes.
it's an egg! 080210  (20)crop Nested in there with a chicken blur checking it out
it's an egg! 080210  (1)
There were little rounded out places all in the bottom of the house – I guess she was looking for a good spot! I think I may not have had enough bedding in the laying boxes, so I added some more, and now there’s a nice thick layer in there.
While I was working on the laying boxes, these girls were so curious, I could hardly get finished. The brown one especially was trying to escape, whining the whole time -- she makes this noise that sounds like a wanna be rooster trying crowing through pain.
it's an egg! 080210  (19)cropit's an egg! 080210  (2)

it's an egg! 080210  (3)  Whatcha doin’?

These girls checked out the new bedding immediately.

it's an egg! 080210  (8) These are Wyandottes – aren’t they pretty?

This is the egg compared to a regular large egg from the grocery store. The first ones will be small, but they should get bigger.

it's an egg! 080210  (13) it's an egg! 080210  (14)
I’m such a proud mama!


AA said...

Woohoo!! How exciting!

Anonymous said...

I remember when our chickens first started laying.. it was the night before I had my son!

Janie said...

Exciting! You'll have to share all your insider information when we get one!! I know that Baby Girl was excited too! Your a good Momma!

mountain mama said... exciting! yes, they will get how are you gonna cook it? ;)