Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Tooth and the Tub

Blair chipped her front tooth last Tuesday. While I was taking a shower, she was playing next to our tub, bent down to close, and whacked it right on the side. Poor thing crumpled onto the floor, and I of course grabbed her up sopping wet. She’s a tough gal and got over it really fast. I was so surprised that it didn’t hurt her lip at all. I noticed that the bottom of her right tooth was whiter than the rest, so I touched it, and that part came right off into my finger. My heart sunk. The little sliver came off what was already the shorter tooth, so now it’s even shorter. Disappointing, but what can you do?

I would like to go back to the tub. I would rather not use the word “hate,” so I will say that I really, really do not like our tub. It is very old and cast iron, so it is very hard and very cold during the winter. It will cool off a tub of hot water in no time! And more importantly, it’s so old that it’s impossible to clean. I have dirty feet a lot in the summer because I wear flip flops and walk around barefooted. If I step into our tub with the tiniest bit of dirt on my feet, the dirty footprint will stay there until I scrub the tub again. Only magic eraser works, and it takes major elbow grease to get it clean. I vehemently dislike cleaning our tub. And apparently no one can figure out how to clean it. If we ever have someone clean the house, I always come home to a still dirty tub and have to clean it myself.

We had our bathroom redone right before Blair was born. In fact, they were working on it when I had Blair. The one request I had was that the tub be fixed, whatever it took, so that it would be easier to clean, look better, and not collect semi-permanent footprints. None of the above was accomplished in the remodel, but my tile looks great!

Is there a solution for this tub problem? I looked up refinishing old tubs online, and it is not recommended for a DIY project. My luck.


CHERI said...

There is a place often advertised on WALB that refinishes bathrooms. They look like they do great work. You might check out WALB's website and see if this company is listed there.

Unknown said...

There is a guy here in town that fixed my tub at my old house. He is called the Tub Doctor. They airbrush your tub with a new surface. Mine turned out great. I'll see if I can find the number for you!

Linsey said...

or rebath?? is that what they do?

Anonymous said...

Oh I saw the title to your post and cringed. My little man busted his lip on our tub, we also have an old one. It's cruddy looking too, as is my tile. No matter how hard I scrub.
Anyways, back to the tooth.. I noticed one of Q's front ones was chipped, and I haven't a clue how he did it.