Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Squealing and Scribbling

After Blair’s doctor’s appointment Thursday, we spent a little time with my sister Molly and Gigi. Everyone is going through withdrawals now that I’m not in school!

coloring with gigi 072910 (6) Blair likes to color more and more.

Molly and I took Blair out to see Molly’s boyfriend’s new piglets. They were less than a day old and so cute… and so loud!

piggies 072910 (2)There was one snoozing all snuggled up to his mommy.

piggies 072910 (7) Aren’t they cute?!

piggies 072910 (9)

Blair didn’t know what to think of them!

952474936_X845S-XLChecking the pigs out with Josh.

952477557_qjfai-XLShe thinks she wants to touch him…

952478332_MECNX-XL Notice the pig’s mouth wide open!

952479264_fyqB8-XLEw, Mama he’s screaming!

952481348_BrREd-XL These things are very loud, Mama. 

952735466_JPK6e-XLDo you hear him? (Look at the pig squealing his heart out!) 952736192_tzted-XL952737920_FfFKQ-XL See the piggies?

952738572_446JP-XL  I still hear ‘em Mama.

Then she decided to “feed” them shavings off the ground.

piggies 072910 (20)piggies 072910 (15) 

And in true Blair fashion, she cleaned a bit.

piggies 072910 (25) piggies 072910 (26) piggies 072910 (27) piggies 072910 (29)

952820742_JLkLA-XL WHAT is THAT?!

Speaking of pigs… look at my sweet girl in her pigtails!

007 013 035


AA said...

Love the pigtails!! Happy Tuesday!

Janie said...

Precious! I swear I could hear the pigs too, just by looking at their mouths....haha! They were screaming ALOT!! lol! Love the pigtails...she is just too cute! And yes, you are officially one of my photo buddies...you take great pics! Have a great evening!

Anonymous said...

Too cute!

Lynn @whispersfromwildwood said...

OH! I love, love, love the pigtails! Adorable :)