Sunday, August 22, 2010

Renewed, Refreshed, Revitalized… Refinished!

Brad told me that I could choose two home improvement projects off of our list, and we could have them done. (Yay!) Every house needs home improvement regularly, but we live in a really old house, so it needs it even more often. Here is my list (I keep it on my Palm just like everything else!):

new windows

repaint trim and doors

replace kitchen floor

refinish tub

silicone tub

fix wiring, get new outlets

fix ceilings

finish crown molding

redo glass porch

Some of these are really big jobs, and some of them are easy. Like the tub. I’ve been asking Brad to re-silicone the tub for months. It just so happened I started asking at the wrong time and was about to do it myself when he made this two things off my list offer! The two things I picked were the tub and the outlets. Those are the two most frustrating things right now. The tub is a nightmare. (Just wait. I have pictures.) The outlets? Well, they’re a nightmare too. We have several that don’t work, and the non-working ones are in exactly the spots where you really need an outlet to work – like behind the refrigerator. We have our refrigerator plugged into an outlet above the counter – with an extension cord. Lovely.

I wrote a post about my tub not too long ago, and my cousin Trey, who reads my blog and joined bloggy world himself not too long ago, was so sweet to track down a tub guy for me and call me with his number! Yay!

I am so proud to say that as of Thursday afternoon the number one house task was complete, and my tub is now refinished! It is beautiful. It looks “99% brand new” (per Bradford).

So lets look at the before. Please don’t judge me. I do clean my tub, but I cannot do it daily. And I will admit, if it comes to either cleaning or Blair, I choose Blair – every time.

I’m really embarrassed to post these, but I want the story to be complete. Ok. Here goes….

tub before and after 082010 (1)This is the tub a week or so after being cleaned. You can see all the heel prints where I step in the back. (I’m obviously one of those real country girls who never wears shoes. And my laundry is on the porch. How convenient is it to find shoes every time I go to the washer/dryer?)

tub before and after 082010 (5)After some elbow grease on the far side. It comes off for the most part, but not easily.

tub before and after 082010 (6) This is somewhat clean (a quick job for pictures). The front part is stained as are the sides. And then there’s the mildew around the edge. Gross. And the tile is so pretty! We had it redone in October of 2008. (Dare I get out a before picture. I dare not. It was unthinkably nasty.) They were supposed to fix the tub, but that didn’t happen.

And now for the big moment. My renewed, refreshed, revitalized tub… refinished!

tub before and after 082010 (11)It gleamed at me when I walked in!

tub before and after 082010 (12)  Nice and shiny! The best thing… when I step in with a dirty foot, I can’t even tell ‘cause it washes right off!

tub before and after 082010 (6)tub2 002  Before and after. Oh. My. Goodness.

Now my bathroom is pretty when you walk in…

tub 007

…even if the shower curtain is open!

tub 003


CHERI said...

Looks very nice! Glad Trey came through for you!

Unknown said...

glad I could help cuz!!! It looks great!

Jan said...

WOW!! That really is a major difference! So happy that you got it done!

Jamie said...

Money well spent! It looks fabulous!!!

AA said...

How exciting!!! It looks great! Congrats!

Lynn @whispersfromwildwood said...

I thought I was the only one that kept a list of projects! It looks great...and I love the bright colors in your bathroom :)

I don't just keep a list of home improvement projects, I actually have a notebook. I call it my Home & Garden Projects book....there's a separate category for each room in the house (and outside) of decorating ideas and projects to do. I know..I'm weird! But it helps me to prioritize what I want done when I have a little extra $ - which isn't often.

I guess "making our house a home" is a never-ending thing for me....I love to decorate :)

Julia said...

I am obsessed with your shower curtain!