Saturday, August 28, 2010

Position Perfected

Blair and her paci provide a great deal of entertainment in our house. Even though she is only allowed to have them in her bed, she is really beyond crazy about her “da.” If we say, “Blair, say ‘paci,’” she says, “da.”

When she gets tired, that’s the first thing she asks for…. daaaaaa (and she draws it waaaaay out). She even pointed them out on the fridge tonight in pictures of her as a little baby. “Daaaaa.” Yes, that’s right, that’s your da.

When she wakes up in the morning, she spots all the das on the floor before we get in there. As soon as one of us comes in her room, she’s pointing and saying “uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh” over and over until she has all of the escape das in her hands. I have no idea how she sees them on the floor in the dark. She’s got some special da spotting visual ability or something – I have a time finding them even after she points them out!

She still has to leave them in her bed when she gets up, but there is almost always one (she usually has 3) that has fallen under the bed, so Blair has perfected the searching position. It looks a little like this:

finding pacis 081710 (2)

When she finds one, she moves the bed to get it if she can’t reach it from the front of the crib.

finding pacis 081710 (3)

And then she attempts to run off before I grab her to put the paci in her bed to be covered up by a blanket (out of sight, out of mind works for us!).

finding pacis 081710 (5)   She scored two this time! (She insisted on this “dress” that is too small and unbuttoned at the top like she’s trying to show something off. We’re into dressing ourselves these days.)

finding pacis 081710 (7)And her swimmies were the perfect spot for them – until mommy made her hide them in the bed.


Joanna Davis said...

this is HILARIOUS! ....and relatable. sadly, this friday night will be reece's LAST chew on his "inkyboo"-- binky boo. :(

going cold turkey. wish us luck!

A Peach and A Jeep said...

We're trying to do the bed thing too, but now with the new baby, our papi's have because an even more powerful security item. Noah also is very strong willed about his clothing--it's nice to know we're normal:)