Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I’m way overdue for a Blair post. I’m working on our pictures from the beach, and when I finish them, I’ll post, but in the meantime here’s what miss 22 1/2 months is up to.

ormond beach 0810 (156) 

Today she weighed 19 pounds 15 ounces. I think she might hit 20 by age 2! And… we are very thankful and praising God that her cystic fibrosis test was negative! She had the test yesterday, and it was her second because apparently the genetic test she had in the NICU is only 90% accurate. I was tested while pregnant and was found not to be a carrier (both parents have to be carriers for a child to have CF, and even then the chance is only 1 in 4), but regardless the test needed to be done as a precaution, and it was still worrisome for us as parents. We are grateful that it is over and was good.

The other night, Blair bent down and turned her head over, laid the edge of a towel on the back of her head, and scrubbed her hair dry like mommy! Then she wanted the towel on her head like mommy too! I love it.

ormond beach 0810 (119)

Wanted to get a wipe for Gigi’s dog Lola because Gigi said, “Ew Lola you stink!” (Which is what we say about dirty diapers!)

Sings, “ah, ah, ah” (wash, wash, wash) your hair, wash your hair today… (I finish it after her “ah” solo!)

She just started bringing a diaper and wipes to someone when she needs a diaper change – without being asked to.

She’s saying some two word phrases now and still likes her hearing aids. She was trying to take off my shirt the other night while saying, “Mama daf (bath).” Evidently she thought I was dirty! She also says “Hop down,” “All done,” “Dada/Mama dump” (jump), “Dada da-uh-wa” (watermelon – I know it’s not similar but it’s her word for it), “top off,” and some others. And she finally says “bye bye” which is actually “dye dye” – she’s not crazy about the “b.” She still says a lot of stuff with her mouth closed… we’re working on it!

Just over a month until she’s two! I can’t believe it!

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Anonymous said...

She's so adorable!

AA said...

I can't believe it either. Precious! Love the second photo. How are you feeling?

Molly @ View From a Saddle said...

She looks adorable in all those pictures! And lola would be upset if she knew you got her mama wrong! ;)