Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Love Hate Relationship With My Deep Freeze

I love my deep freeze. I really do. Right now it’s home for about four bushels of peas I put up this summer – peas that will be almost gone by next summer. And it holds extra meet, popsicles… and the ham we get for Christmas every year!

But good gracious, sometimes I hate that thing! Why in the world is it deep? For the life of me I cannot keep things from getting down way in the bottom and getting lost for forever! If you have a deep freeze, you probably know exactly how I feel. I even have crates in there to separate all of the foods into veggies, meats, and other; and I used to keep a list of the stuff in the deep freeze, but regardless the food on the bottom always seems to be forgotten.

What prompted this compelling post about a deep freeze? Today I wanted a lean cuisine for lunch. I just knew there had to be one in there. But 25 minutes of completely cleaning the thing out, I was still  lunchless. After a while, Brad finally came out to check on me! I found some pecans, meat I can cook next week (yay!), peanuts, lots of creamed corn, some old peas that slipped down into the deep freeze black hole, popsicles, and some croissant pockets but no lean cuisine.

Then, way down in the bottom, in a crate all by itself was… my milk. As soon as I saw it, I remembered that when I threw some away I had left some more in the bottom (it was actually serving a purpose and filling part of the black hole!), but I had forgotten. 51 bags averaging 6 ounces each and 24 two ounce bottles.

melon search 073Enough to fill half a laundry basket.

The milk was mostly back from when Blair was 2 – 5 months old, but there was some from even the month she was born. I had so much milk that I had to send it to my mom’s because there was no room to store it at the hospital or at the Ronald McDonald House! When I started school – after almost a year of pumping and using fresh milk instead of freezing it -- I got all the frozen milk from my mom’s to use up after I quit pumping, but then I got scared that it was going to give Blair thrush again, so I decided not to use it. We had made it 11 months on breast milk; I thought that was plenty and didn’t want to risk thrush (we had battled it for several months earlier before I realized that my milk was the problem and had to take a week’s worth of oral antifungals – and freezing doesn’t kill the yeast).

melon search 081

It was very hard to throw it all out. I cannot tell you how many hours worth of pumping that milk represented. It’s all old now, but it’s still precious! I’m glad it was able to function as a spacer for this year, but now it’s gone, and I guess I’ll go back to losing even more things down in the black hole of the deep freeze that I just love to fill up!


Linsey said...

Awwww, Ash! You did so good!

Ben and I were just talking about freezers today. He said he likes deep freezers, but I told him you lose your food in there!

Jan said...

Well you got part of the story right...I still have milk in my freezer. You didn't get it all and I have not had the heart to throw it out either. Guess if you did I can too! Won't hurt me as much as it did you I'm sure since you did all the work.

Jen O'Daniel said...

I have a picture of me parting ways with my frozen milk... I just kept wanting to hang on to it. Clay *MADE* me toss it out... and Grayson was somewhere around 16 months old at that point. Funny how hard we work for it and how we don't want to part with it, isn't it? And now here I go at it again...

CHERI said...

We switched to an upright but I'm not sure it's any better. Doesn't seem to be as much room and things still get pushed to the back! Someone needs to invent a better way!