Thursday, August 5, 2010

It’s our birthday – again!

Since my birthday occurs during absolute busiest week of watermelon season, celebrating with Brad and his family usually gets pushed back a little – a month in this year’s case (and counting because Brad has yet to give me a birthday gift)! And Brad’s sister’s birthday is the week before mine, so we usually celebrate together.

late birthday 080210 025 “Birthday” girls

This week we finally got together for a nice supper out at the Japanese restaurant. No, dreamland does not have a Japanese restaurant. We have to make a drive for a real date around here!

late birthday 080210 002 late birthday 080210 003

late birthday 080210 005Entertainment by Blair.

late birthday 080210 007

We opened our gifts before supper, and even though it’s not Blair’s birthday, she got a gift too!

late birthday 080210 008late birthday 080210 010

Brad and I shared a shrimp tempura roll. To my surprise, he thought it was delicious. He’s weird about sushi. I, on the other hand, always think sushi is delicious!

late birthday 080210 011

After supper we enjoyed not one but two cakes! Brad and I got a white cake with white chocolate buttercream icing – it’s to die for – and Kim had a chocolate layer cake. Blair, of course, was interested in the chocolate.

late birthday 080210 014 late birthday 080210 016 late birthday 080210 017 late birthday 080210 018We had to celebrate Brad’s birthday too. We’re waaay behind.

late birthday 080210 019 late birthday 080210 021late birthday 080210 022late birthday 080210 027 late birthday 080210 028 Blair playing with Kim.

It was great food and a great time. I kind of like spreading my birthday out a little!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! :)