Friday, August 13, 2010

I sleep.

On the way back from the beach today, we were talking about how fast Blair can fall asleep in the car -- and at home for that matter. Brad told me, "She's just like y'all!" That y'all would be my family. We all sleep really well -- pretty much anywhere at any time. My brother-in-law coined our ability to fall asleep at the drop of a hat "Janning out" because my mom (she's Jan) falls asleep on the sofa watching tv -- all the time!

Just to give an example... I can't even attempt to count the number of times I've lain in bed and started a movie or show and have fallen asleep before the beginning credits finish. It's fast -- a word that would not describe any other thing about me including running, shopping, cleaning, making decisions, or getting ready. So my mom Jan's out, and my dad's dad has narcolepsy -- we've got it coming from both sides! 

Anyway, Brad goes on to talk about my attempts to get up early (before Blair wakes at 7ish):

"You get up (the clock is not by the bed) and hit snooze 8 times and go back to sleep. If your alarm clock was in the woods, you would walk down to the woods, hit snooze and walk all the way back to get back in bed 5 times. (This is probably true.) You need an alarm clock that will literally whack you on the head with a hammer -- like in the cartoons when an arm swings out of a box and hits someone with a hammer. That's what you need."

I did get him to agree that it is better to be like me than to not be able to sleep (ahem, like him) the whole night without getting up and watching tv or eating cereal or lying awake for "hours" (I still think his hours and my hours are different).

So I sleep. What's the big deal?!


mountain mama said...

oh....i wish i could sleep like that. it usually takes me "a while" to fall asleep.

hubs always falls asleep really fast, it's really irritating! :D

have a great weekend!!!

CHERI said...

Your Uncle Johnny is definitely related!!!! He can fall asleep before you can blink your eyes good. He usually takes a daily nap even if it's just for ten minutes. I on the other hand must be related to Brad!

Joanna Davis said...

hahaha, we call it "movie narking"---and yes, i'm a PRO at it!

KatieG said...

Hahaha! I just read this post. I am the EXACT same way! It's drives ryan crazy. I literally fall asleep the instant we turn the light out and he will lay there for hours. I often say I have automotive narcolepsy. Just the sound of a car engine makes me want to curl up and sleep. I think my case comes from being the youngest and my only chance for sleeping was in the car, at the ballpark and anywhere else my mom was taking my brothers.