Monday, August 30, 2010

First Family Vacation

The second week in August Brad, Blair, and I went on our very first family vacation! We did go to the beach last year with grandparents, but this year just the three of us went for a five days to Ormond Beach – all by ourselves! We decided a whole week was too long with no babysitter and very clean (possibly with a touch of OCD like her daddy) nearly 2 year old who might not particularly like the beach (and we were right). I took tons of pictures (538) and may have to do a few vacation posts! We had so much fun that we ended up staying an extra day. Blair even got used to the beach – kind of.

We could not have asked for a better condo. We were on the bottom right on the front of the complex with a corner room that had a huge patio from which we could see the beach (30 feet away) and the pool. I’ve stayed in the complex since I was a baby, so it’s like home to me, but we had never stayed in this condo before. It was so nice. Blair liked the rocks in the flower beds!

ormond beach 0810 (7)crop

ormond beach 0810 (11)Elmo is the new thing.

Our routine was to go out to the pool or beach first thing in the morning right after breakfast, come back in for a bit, have lunch, nap, go back out for a bit in the afternoon, go to supper and then bed! I probably spent the least time on the beach on this trip than ever before – which was okay! But that meant I was in the pool with Blair instead of under the tent at the beach, so I got a lot more sun than I usually do. (Well, since I got smart and decided I didn’t need to be tan anymore. I love to be tan, but my skin already shows damage. Gone are the days when I lived at the pool all summer and looked like an islander!) We didn’t want Blair to get too much sun, so we tried to play in the condo some. We watched a lot of Baby Noah. She likes to tell the dolphins and penguins to jump!

   ormond beach 0810 (95)

Blair would tolerate the beach for about 30 minutes towards the end of our stay. She mainly wanted the sand “off.” I showed her how to wash her hands in a cup of water, but she preferred to dump the water out every time I brought a cup full for her! I did get her to splash in the water some, but she preferred the pool by far.

ormond beach 0810 (97)

Over the summer, Blair has gone from being really unsure about getting into the water to jumping off the side and floating around in the pool not attached to anyone.

ormond beach 0810 (21)

ormond beach 0810 (254)crop

She loves to jump off of the side. She kicks her way back and could get out of the pool by herself. We didn’t push her to swim without swimmies this year. She certainly would have, but her lungs don’t need any extra stuff in them, so we’ll work on it next year. I’m sure she’ll take right off. She didn’t mind going under at all when she jumped off the side of the pool.

ormond beach 0810 (194) ormond beach 0810 (195) ormond beach 0810 (196) ormond beach 0810 (197) ormond beach 0810 (198) ormond beach 0810 (199) ormond beach 0810 (200)ormond beach 0810 (203)    

And she loves being thrown! She had a smile on her face going all the way up and coming all the way back down.

ormond beach 0810 (209) ormond beach 0810 (222)crop ormond beach 0810 (211)crop

The pool is also for watching her daddy jump off the side, showing him exactly where to stand and then yelling “dump!” She demands that mommy jump too. (And I like the two word phrases of course…. “mama, dump!” “dada, dump!” Speech is never out of our minds!)

More to follow!


mountain mama said...

what fun! glad you all got away as a family!!!

AA said...

How fun!!!

CHERI said...

M & R absolutely love the water. M learned to swim like a fish this year. I got "tagged" with a blog thing and then had to "tag" some others. Go to my latest blog entry and see...I tagged you but don't feel you have to do this if you don't have the time (or the desire)!