Monday, August 16, 2010

The Egg Collector (and Cracker)

When we make waffles, one of Blair’s many jobs is to crack the eggs. She does them perfectly (after a few cracked too much and got her slimy she learned!) and hands them to me to open over the bowl. Some mornings, I honestly think that she asks for waffles just to go through the process of mixing them up.

Now Blair has become the egg collector. She doesn’t understand the whole egg and chicken thing yet, but she knows where the eggs are – and we’ve really got lots of eggs now!

everything 002 everything 003

everything 006

Here, Mama.

She is on her way to being a good chicken mama!


Unknown said...

I came through your branch on Saturday. I made a half hearted attempt to find your house with no luck. Reid and I made a trip to Walls for some new camo.

mountain mama said...

yay for waffles and eggs!!!!

CHERI said...

Both grands love to crack the eggs! If the recipe only calls for one M. will let R. do it and then she stirs!!! I hope they both will continue to enjoy cooking. R. has gotten a little out of it recently but M. is still hanging in there! Of course, she likes to eat more than he does too!!! (Takes after me!)