Saturday, August 7, 2010


What have we caught Blair doing lately? These are from my notes over the last few months.

  • blowing on my hot rollers
  • putting on my bra…correctly
  • putting on deodorant

May 2010

  • trying to spray mousse on the carpet (cleaning?)
  • sneezing into her elbow – Elbows please if you cough or sneeze!
  • trying to pretreat her clothes with the spray i keep next to her changing table
  • blowing her nose and every one else’s – and wiping mouths!
  • “hiding” on the kitchen rug under her bath towel – every night after her bath

after bath hiding game 071710 (5)hiding under her towel 070910 (1) hiding under her towel 070910 (2)   I see you!

  • putting on my makeup

makeup 071810 (2)

  • shaking her head to the side to “get water out of her ears”
  • flying her own airplane at mealtime

I know that there are a thousand others that I haven’t put on my list….


Linsey said...

Oh my gosh I seriously just laughed out loud at that makeup picture. How funny!

Joanna Davis said...

reece puts on my make-up too...sigh...
also loves randomly turning on the dishwasher, hiding condiments in our bathroom, and "feeds" the dogs--sprinkles their food all over our bedroom.


Julia said...

both precious and brilliant....a deadly combination! I can't wait for her and Perron to get married.

AA said...

HAHAHA hilarious. The plane is my favorite!!

Anonymous said...

Aw, such a big girl! :)