Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Braves Win!

On Sunday, Brad and I got to go with Mr. Don to the Braves game. And, we had an extra ticket, so my brother John came over from Tech to meet us there. Hank was invited too, but he was MIA.

braves 006

The Georgia Watermelon Association held a lunch for some watermelon folks in one of the patios available for private parties. We had yummy pulled chicken barbeque and hot dogs.

braves 008 braves 010

Brad had his picture taken with the Watermelon Queen! (She’s from our town, so he knows her. Otherwise this picture would have never happened!)

braves 007

The weather was perfect. It was pretty cloudy for much of the game, and it never got unbearably hot. We also had great seats… right behind the right field wall.

braves 012 braves 013 braves win! 004 Everyone loves Heyward.

braves win! 005

The game was a little on the slow side… until we left! The Braves came back and won in the eight and ninth inning with two (yes TWO) homeruns hit into the section in which we were sitting! Ha. Our luck! We had fun though. That was the first game I had been to in several years, and I’d love to go back sometime!


Unknown said...

you left what turned out to be the best game of the year!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

How fun! We went to see a college game years ago, it was so neat!