Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Braves Win!

On Sunday, Brad and I got to go with Mr. Don to the Braves game. And, we had an extra ticket, so my brother John came over from Tech to meet us there. Hank was invited too, but he was MIA.

braves 006

The Georgia Watermelon Association held a lunch for some watermelon folks in one of the patios available for private parties. We had yummy pulled chicken barbeque and hot dogs.

braves 008 braves 010

Brad had his picture taken with the Watermelon Queen! (She’s from our town, so he knows her. Otherwise this picture would have never happened!)

braves 007

The weather was perfect. It was pretty cloudy for much of the game, and it never got unbearably hot. We also had great seats… right behind the right field wall.

braves 012 braves 013 braves win! 004 Everyone loves Heyward.

braves win! 005

The game was a little on the slow side… until we left! The Braves came back and won in the eight and ninth inning with two (yes TWO) homeruns hit into the section in which we were sitting! Ha. Our luck! We had fun though. That was the first game I had been to in several years, and I’d love to go back sometime!

Monday, August 30, 2010

First Family Vacation

The second week in August Brad, Blair, and I went on our very first family vacation! We did go to the beach last year with grandparents, but this year just the three of us went for a five days to Ormond Beach – all by ourselves! We decided a whole week was too long with no babysitter and very clean (possibly with a touch of OCD like her daddy) nearly 2 year old who might not particularly like the beach (and we were right). I took tons of pictures (538) and may have to do a few vacation posts! We had so much fun that we ended up staying an extra day. Blair even got used to the beach – kind of.

We could not have asked for a better condo. We were on the bottom right on the front of the complex with a corner room that had a huge patio from which we could see the beach (30 feet away) and the pool. I’ve stayed in the complex since I was a baby, so it’s like home to me, but we had never stayed in this condo before. It was so nice. Blair liked the rocks in the flower beds!

ormond beach 0810 (7)crop

ormond beach 0810 (11)Elmo is the new thing.

Our routine was to go out to the pool or beach first thing in the morning right after breakfast, come back in for a bit, have lunch, nap, go back out for a bit in the afternoon, go to supper and then bed! I probably spent the least time on the beach on this trip than ever before – which was okay! But that meant I was in the pool with Blair instead of under the tent at the beach, so I got a lot more sun than I usually do. (Well, since I got smart and decided I didn’t need to be tan anymore. I love to be tan, but my skin already shows damage. Gone are the days when I lived at the pool all summer and looked like an islander!) We didn’t want Blair to get too much sun, so we tried to play in the condo some. We watched a lot of Baby Noah. She likes to tell the dolphins and penguins to jump!

   ormond beach 0810 (95)

Blair would tolerate the beach for about 30 minutes towards the end of our stay. She mainly wanted the sand “off.” I showed her how to wash her hands in a cup of water, but she preferred to dump the water out every time I brought a cup full for her! I did get her to splash in the water some, but she preferred the pool by far.

ormond beach 0810 (97)

Over the summer, Blair has gone from being really unsure about getting into the water to jumping off the side and floating around in the pool not attached to anyone.

ormond beach 0810 (21)

ormond beach 0810 (254)crop

She loves to jump off of the side. She kicks her way back and could get out of the pool by herself. We didn’t push her to swim without swimmies this year. She certainly would have, but her lungs don’t need any extra stuff in them, so we’ll work on it next year. I’m sure she’ll take right off. She didn’t mind going under at all when she jumped off the side of the pool.

ormond beach 0810 (194) ormond beach 0810 (195) ormond beach 0810 (196) ormond beach 0810 (197) ormond beach 0810 (198) ormond beach 0810 (199) ormond beach 0810 (200)ormond beach 0810 (203)    

And she loves being thrown! She had a smile on her face going all the way up and coming all the way back down.

ormond beach 0810 (209) ormond beach 0810 (222)crop ormond beach 0810 (211)crop

The pool is also for watching her daddy jump off the side, showing him exactly where to stand and then yelling “dump!” She demands that mommy jump too. (And I like the two word phrases of course…. “mama, dump!” “dada, dump!” Speech is never out of our minds!)

More to follow!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Position Perfected

Blair and her paci provide a great deal of entertainment in our house. Even though she is only allowed to have them in her bed, she is really beyond crazy about her “da.” If we say, “Blair, say ‘paci,’” she says, “da.”

When she gets tired, that’s the first thing she asks for…. daaaaaa (and she draws it waaaaay out). She even pointed them out on the fridge tonight in pictures of her as a little baby. “Daaaaa.” Yes, that’s right, that’s your da.

When she wakes up in the morning, she spots all the das on the floor before we get in there. As soon as one of us comes in her room, she’s pointing and saying “uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh” over and over until she has all of the escape das in her hands. I have no idea how she sees them on the floor in the dark. She’s got some special da spotting visual ability or something – I have a time finding them even after she points them out!

She still has to leave them in her bed when she gets up, but there is almost always one (she usually has 3) that has fallen under the bed, so Blair has perfected the searching position. It looks a little like this:

finding pacis 081710 (2)

When she finds one, she moves the bed to get it if she can’t reach it from the front of the crib.

finding pacis 081710 (3)

And then she attempts to run off before I grab her to put the paci in her bed to be covered up by a blanket (out of sight, out of mind works for us!).

finding pacis 081710 (5)   She scored two this time! (She insisted on this “dress” that is too small and unbuttoned at the top like she’s trying to show something off. We’re into dressing ourselves these days.)

finding pacis 081710 (7)And her swimmies were the perfect spot for them – until mommy made her hide them in the bed.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I’m way overdue for a Blair post. I’m working on our pictures from the beach, and when I finish them, I’ll post, but in the meantime here’s what miss 22 1/2 months is up to.

ormond beach 0810 (156) 

Today she weighed 19 pounds 15 ounces. I think she might hit 20 by age 2! And… we are very thankful and praising God that her cystic fibrosis test was negative! She had the test yesterday, and it was her second because apparently the genetic test she had in the NICU is only 90% accurate. I was tested while pregnant and was found not to be a carrier (both parents have to be carriers for a child to have CF, and even then the chance is only 1 in 4), but regardless the test needed to be done as a precaution, and it was still worrisome for us as parents. We are grateful that it is over and was good.

The other night, Blair bent down and turned her head over, laid the edge of a towel on the back of her head, and scrubbed her hair dry like mommy! Then she wanted the towel on her head like mommy too! I love it.

ormond beach 0810 (119)

Wanted to get a wipe for Gigi’s dog Lola because Gigi said, “Ew Lola you stink!” (Which is what we say about dirty diapers!)

Sings, “ah, ah, ah” (wash, wash, wash) your hair, wash your hair today… (I finish it after her “ah” solo!)

She just started bringing a diaper and wipes to someone when she needs a diaper change – without being asked to.

She’s saying some two word phrases now and still likes her hearing aids. She was trying to take off my shirt the other night while saying, “Mama daf (bath).” Evidently she thought I was dirty! She also says “Hop down,” “All done,” “Dada/Mama dump” (jump), “Dada da-uh-wa” (watermelon – I know it’s not similar but it’s her word for it), “top off,” and some others. And she finally says “bye bye” which is actually “dye dye” – she’s not crazy about the “b.” She still says a lot of stuff with her mouth closed… we’re working on it!

Just over a month until she’s two! I can’t believe it!

ormond beach 0810 (5)ormond beach 0810 (10)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Mommies aren’t supposed to get sick.

When we were little our mom was never sick. (At least that’s how I remember it.) I remember her being sick a time or two when I was older. I think the entire house stopped functioning.

This weekend, I’ve been sick. On the way back from the Atlanta Speech School on Friday, my throat started tickling on the left side, and I was hoping that it was a sore from a chip I had eaten at lunch – anything besides a *gasp* sore throat! By Friday night, my entire throat was tickling, and Saturday morning when I woke up it was on fire. Great. My first cold in almost 2 1/2 years. Not too bad. (But my mind is screaming just like last time, “HANDWASHING BREACH! HANDWASHING BREACH!”)

I knew I was careful with Blair, as always, but I couldn’t remember if she had drunk after me on Friday. Regardless, we sent her to her Grandmom and Andad’s house. I ended up with a fever, so I went to the med stop to make sure I didn’t have the flu (our shots are scheduled for Tuesday), and I didn’t. The sole reason I went was for Blair. If I had the flu, she needed meds asap. If she were to get sick, we needed to know what I had. But I think it was just a cold, and maybe a throat infection. I loaded up on Zicam and cold medicine and hung out with a lot of time on my hands this weekend. Whatever did we do with all the spare time we had before we had a kid?

I’ve been praying so hard for God to protect Blair from this because even a little cold can send us back to the hospital. Today she moved to Gigi and GT’s house for two more nights. I got to wave at her in the truck on the way. Of course, she is pleased as punch to be spending all this time at her grandparents’, but I miss her so!

A goose in my coop?

Check out the size of these eggs I just collected. I’m was wondering if some large goose had made her way into my coop!

eggs 007 In the picture, it’s sort of hard to tell how massive that middle one is. The white one is a regular large egg from the grocery store (still left over from the last time I bought them!).

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Renewed, Refreshed, Revitalized… Refinished!

Brad told me that I could choose two home improvement projects off of our list, and we could have them done. (Yay!) Every house needs home improvement regularly, but we live in a really old house, so it needs it even more often. Here is my list (I keep it on my Palm just like everything else!):

new windows

repaint trim and doors

replace kitchen floor

refinish tub

silicone tub

fix wiring, get new outlets

fix ceilings

finish crown molding

redo glass porch

Some of these are really big jobs, and some of them are easy. Like the tub. I’ve been asking Brad to re-silicone the tub for months. It just so happened I started asking at the wrong time and was about to do it myself when he made this two things off my list offer! The two things I picked were the tub and the outlets. Those are the two most frustrating things right now. The tub is a nightmare. (Just wait. I have pictures.) The outlets? Well, they’re a nightmare too. We have several that don’t work, and the non-working ones are in exactly the spots where you really need an outlet to work – like behind the refrigerator. We have our refrigerator plugged into an outlet above the counter – with an extension cord. Lovely.

I wrote a post about my tub not too long ago, and my cousin Trey, who reads my blog and joined bloggy world himself not too long ago, was so sweet to track down a tub guy for me and call me with his number! Yay!

I am so proud to say that as of Thursday afternoon the number one house task was complete, and my tub is now refinished! It is beautiful. It looks “99% brand new” (per Bradford).

So lets look at the before. Please don’t judge me. I do clean my tub, but I cannot do it daily. And I will admit, if it comes to either cleaning or Blair, I choose Blair – every time.

I’m really embarrassed to post these, but I want the story to be complete. Ok. Here goes….

tub before and after 082010 (1)This is the tub a week or so after being cleaned. You can see all the heel prints where I step in the back. (I’m obviously one of those real country girls who never wears shoes. And my laundry is on the porch. How convenient is it to find shoes every time I go to the washer/dryer?)

tub before and after 082010 (5)After some elbow grease on the far side. It comes off for the most part, but not easily.

tub before and after 082010 (6) This is somewhat clean (a quick job for pictures). The front part is stained as are the sides. And then there’s the mildew around the edge. Gross. And the tile is so pretty! We had it redone in October of 2008. (Dare I get out a before picture. I dare not. It was unthinkably nasty.) They were supposed to fix the tub, but that didn’t happen.

And now for the big moment. My renewed, refreshed, revitalized tub… refinished!

tub before and after 082010 (11)It gleamed at me when I walked in!

tub before and after 082010 (12)  Nice and shiny! The best thing… when I step in with a dirty foot, I can’t even tell ‘cause it washes right off!

tub before and after 082010 (6)tub2 002  Before and after. Oh. My. Goodness.

Now my bathroom is pretty when you walk in…

tub 007

…even if the shower curtain is open!

tub 003

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Now you’re rockin’ (or layin’)!

Blair had that little Fisher Price Sing Along Stage, and we’ve stored it now, but I can still hear that thing saying, “Now you’re rockin’!” over and over again in my head! Brad still says it to Blair occasionally when she’s doing a good job or when she’s in the rocker. I think my chickens are doing a good job, so that’s the first thing that came to mind!

eggs 081410 (3)I love it when this happens – and it’s just about every day now!

Cotton Elementary: From Bloom to Boll

Since I’ve been to Cotton Elementary, I thought I’d share what I’ve learned. I have a great teacher. He’s at least got a cotton graduate degree! I grew up seeing cotton growing on the side of the road, but it is still fascinating to me that my shirts are made from the fruit of a plant. (If you don’t want to learn about cotton, come back tomorrow! I’m sure there will be more pictures of Blair posted by then.)
cotton elementary 0810 (26)
I took some pictures of some of Brad’s cotton on Saturday after we were collected watermelons for the chickens. I’m sure that it is not the cotton that Brad would have had me photograph to show everyone because it is dry land cotton (not irrigated), and until Sunday we had not had a real rain since spring. But it was next to the watermelons, it had all the parts I needed to take pictures of, I had some good shade from clouds, and I had my camera – sounds like perfect cotton to me! I also chose to photograph from the edges so I could get better shots. I have to say that my husband is an amazing cotton farmer, and this is not a display of my his best cotton! Now. That’s done, and we can move on to our schooling!
One thing I don’t think I ever noticed is that cotton blooms. It actually has really pretty blooms. First though, it has to have squares. Yes, squares.
These are squares. The square is the part from which grows a bloom and then a boll.
cotton elementary 0810 (40)
cotton elementary 0810 (37) More squares.
From the center of the square emerges a white bloom.
cotton elementary 0810 (35)
cotton elementary 0810 (5)cotton elementary 0810 (9)  In the picture on the right, you can see the square!
The bloom turns a beautiful pink. If you see a cotton field blooming, you can see white and pink blooms at the same time.
cotton elementary 0810 (22)  You can still see the square below the bloom as well as some other squares and a white bloom in the background.
cotton elementary 0810 (10) The blooms seem to be more closed when they are pink.
After the bloom turns pink and dies, the bowl starts growing from the center of the square.
cotton elementary 0810 (30)A boll with dead bloom on top.
I found one branch that had a good example of three stages from bloom to boll.
cotton elementary 0810 (19) From the right: pink bloom, little boll, big boll!
cotton elementary 0810 (14) More bolls.
We can look at a boll and tell how many locks it has. They usually have four or five. When the boll opens, each lock will have a nice poofy piece of cotton. Brad likes the five lock bolls because they are nice and big! And we had a pretty cute five lock boll for Halloween last year!
cotton elementary 0810 (23) cotton elementary 0810 (24)
A five and a four lock boll.
I recently learned that a cotton plant puts on fruit from the bottom to the top. When cotton is “blooming out the top” (a term I overheard not too long ago), it has put on all of the fruit that it is going to have. If this happens too early or after very little rain, it means that the plant won’t have as much fruit as it could have had in better conditions.
cotton elementary 0810 (41) In this picture, you can see bolls on the bottom and blooms that will soon be bolls on the top.
cotton elementary 0810 (58) And here you can see white and pink throughout the field.
I hope that this was even half as interesting as I find it and that you learned something! Two more lessons follow. I just have to tell you about pigweed, and in the fall, we’ll do two bale cotton (which I hope we have LOTS of!).
**This information is all from my previous lessons (many lessons). Brad didn’t read behind me – he’s never read my blog at all actually (that’s why I get to talk bad about him – ha!). The only thing I looked up was how to spell “lock.” If you are a cotton expert, and I’ve said something wrong, I apologize. Please correct me.