Sunday, July 25, 2010

Watermelon Wrap-up

Watermelon season has once again come and gone. I was quite sad to go out to the barn to grab a watermelon and see no boxes, no tops, no fork lifts, and no melon throwin'. It goes by way to fast, but I'm sure that Brad and his dad don't think so sometimes. I'm not the one working 16 hour days for 5 weeks straight -- on concrete! 

They finished up shipping just over a week ago, and we ended the season with a cookout at the shed. I was going through my pictures and saw a few that I had not gotten a chance to post. So here they are!

I love to see all of the buses lined up waiting to be unloaded.

The taco truck was once again a nice lunch treat for Brad and me several times a week. We had one dish with zucchini in it this year, and it was tasty! I have to admit that I can't get a taste for the stewed pork rinds. They just don't hit the spot for me. There's plenty else that does though!

Blair rode her first school bus this summer, and she happened to be the driver!

She got lots of shed time with her Andad.

She loves the cone cups!

And her daddy of course!

While they were working on the new belt, Brad let Blair ride on it. Now she want to walk on it!

She walks up...

She rides back....

There's always plenty of watermelon to eat!

Except Brad doesn't really like it, but he didn't want Blair to know that! (It's a good think he doesn't read my posts... he would skin me if he saw this!)

Brad is so proud to see Blair checking watermelons. They guys tap every watermelon on the belt to make sure it's not "dead." I'm sure by the time she's grown, Blair will be better at checking melons than Brad and I both!

Until next year!


mountain mama said...

wow, it seems like it did go by fast. i love that pic of the busses and of blair walking on the belt.

i guess it will be cotton season soon!!

have a great week! :)

Janie said...

I love seeing that precious baby girl all involved with the farm. It reminds me of the days I went to see my Daddy at the watermelon fields...your making GREAT memories!
I can't believe the season is already over with! Thanks for sharing! I'm so excited to have met you, and now to follow you on here! Take care!