Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I have had two sets of visitors this past week, and it was so much fun. I love giving farm tours and showing off what Brad and his dad do. I've learned so much in the past three years living here, and the whole operation still fascinates me every day!

The first weekend, I had my very first real life meeting with someone I met on the internet. The very first time I clicked on an interesting post title link below one of my BlogHer ads, it sent me to Brooke's blog. I soon found out that they had just moved from Oklahoma to Georgia and that we live really close to each other! I commented on her post and emailed her. Several weeks later we were planning for her family to visit us and see the watermelons!

 Brooke and her precious children with Blair and me in the watermelon field.

Then, the next weekend, some of my nursing school friends came over. I was delighted to have them visit. (Plus they brought peach cobbler. They must know that food is my most favorite thing ever!) They came here from other states just for school and had not seen much agriculture in person. They were as fascinated by the watermelons as I am!

 Sarah, me, and Brandy

We went out to the fields to check out how they harvest the watermelons.

We watched them cut the melons and load the buses. Here, the guy is catching the watermelons thrown up to him by the loaders on the ground.

These are either melons from pollinator watermelon plants or citrons. They actually tasted great!
And my sister Linsey was also here for a few days -- equally exciting!

Wanting to drive.

And we all even got to eat Taco Truck food!

Back at the barn, Blair enjoyed playing with Brandy and Sarah. She can play with a cooker forever, and new friends made it even more fun!

  Dropping the drinks in...


Fun game!

A great time for all! Watermelons will be winding down in the next week or so, and I am of course kind of sad. I'll miss the taco truck and being able to help out around the shed. It's definitely bittersweet though because I'm glad I'll get to see my husband again -- these late late nights get old fast!


Anonymous said...

How fun!!! Ooo, I love watermelon. It's so hard to find good ones in our part of the world.

mountain mama said...

it was so very fun! too bad we missed the taco truck. can't wait to learn about cotton and have ya'll over here :)

Molly @ View From a Saddle said...

mine and Josh's turn!!!