Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Shop Girl

This is how the story ends.

 This face is so funny -- it doesn't even look like her! Can you tell she's not crazy about staying dirty? Getting dirty is fine, but she's immediately trying to clean herself or take her clothes off.

Let's back up to see what happened.

First, Blair did what she always does at the shop. She checked melons and played in the cooler.

It was so hot; she had to have Gatorade.
"Thanks, Andad!"

"Juuust what I needed to get busy again."

And poor Gus was the main participant in busy Blair's next activity.

He just lets her do whatever she wants.

She can bounce or pull, and he just lies there.

Trying to get him to go?

Next, Gus must have been tired because he needed some water and "eye" (ice).
"See mama? I knew he was thirsty!"

"Here Gus, have some more. I'll just put it right here for you."

"Let me help."

"It's right here, Gus."

Then she drops the cup and gets serious.

Bomp. There went the booty right in the mud, grease, and whatever else that might be found on the shop concrete during watermelon season. Not to mention that she made sure that Gus had plenty of opportunity to get the water -- she spread it all out for him. Look at her leg. That is just a hint of what her rear looked like.


"Here, Gus. Right here!"

"Let me show you where it is...."


Nah. She's not hard-headed at all!

And then she wants me to fix it.

Needless to say, she went home with no clothes on.


Ana Martin said...

Blair esta chulísima! She's so big and growing beautifully... she must be taking after her mamá. Hope all is well in Ga. Many hugs from NJ.

mountain mama said...

what a great post! love her smile when gus is drinking from the cup.

adorable as always!

CHERI said...

I'm sure Blair will adjust well to her new aides. It is so amazing how resilient children can be.

Linsey said...

Such a cute post, Ash! I love her feeding Gus. I think the only way Remy would do that was if she were heavily sedated :)

Anonymous said...

Aw, such a cute post!