Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Neighborhood Butcher

I don't remember when exactly I was introduced to M&T Meats, but I loved it from the start. After eating meats or cheese from there with others, I finally started stopping by occasionally to make some purchases. Among other things, I especially love the pork spare ribs. Mr. Phil, the third generation owner, told me the best way to order them: rubbed, marinated, and split longways down the middle. Two perfect meals for two adults.

The small building overlooked the river and was always busy, especially so near any holiday. M&T meats is widely known and loved as a quality small-town butcher shop with excellent service. And whenever I went, I usually managed to pick up something extra like fried apples or creamed corn.

Back in October, M&T Meats moved next door to their new facility, but I had not seen it because it is just not on my way to anywhere. I finally visited it last weekend, and I was blown away. I had heard that the new store was really nice, but I had not imagined it to be so enormous -- it's basically a new tourist attraction in the middle of nowhere!

I could not get over how big the place was. Really. Compared to the old shop (which had excellent meat), this one is like the Harris Teeter of meat. It's so nice and fancy!

And packed! Look at all the people. With buggies! M&T Meats has buggies!

It was just a regular weekend day, and there were more people there than I've ever seen. The guy who prepared my order said business had more than doubled since they moved.

They now have four cases for meat instead of just one -- and seafood!

And they have deli meats and salads and a big indoor pit for roasting!

And lots of other room for the extras I used to pick up. They expanded their spice and sauce selection, and they even have a little home grown fruits and vegetable area.

They also have grills. The Big Green Egg and Holland Grills (which we have and love!).

I got a few items, and I'm pleased to say that the service is just like it used to be -- friendly and efficient. M&T has drawn customers from all over for years. Now that the business is in a nice new building, they may not seem like the neighborhood butchers, but they sure treat you like they are!

Learn more about M&T Meats' history in an article by Sam Crenshaw From the Cotton Patch.


Jen O'Daniel said...

I sent a link to your blog to Clay, and to say that he was DROOLING over this butcher shop is an understatement. In fact, I think he wants us to move south to be closer to it! :)

We have both of those grills you mentioned, too... the Holland Grill and BGE. Clay wanted me to share that he thinks "they are the best gas and non gas, respectively, grills out there."

FYI - We also have an old beat-up Weber for charcoal. Grilling equipment lines the entire wall of our deck!

Anonymous said...

Ooo, what a cool place!

Jamie said...

LOL - I never thought I'd read anything so nice about a place in Hawkinsville! Makes me a little homesick...BTW my 3rd grade teacher's family owns M&T. They really are the best. We still get our meat from them when we come down from NC. Just load up the cooler!!! Yummy!!!