Sunday, July 11, 2010

"It's a Bert."

Well Bert is definitely a Bert and not a Brenda -- as my friend Brooke pointed out a while back! He has actually confirmed it out loud in the last week or so with some serious crowing!


Bert is the sweetest of all the flock; he lets me hold him and always comes when I call. He does peck my toes sometimes, and right now one of them looks like it was bitten by a snake -- I guess he likes my new polish!

 Two of the girls. I haven't taken the time to tell them apart, so they don't have names. I need to work on that!

He's become somewhat of a loner lately, trekking out across the yard and leaving the girls behind. He's always the first one out of the pen, the first to take off to the nearest place to scratch, and the first one to come when I call.

I love how shiny he is. He still has a lot of growing to do, and I know he will be even more beautiful.

The chickens were 17 weeks on Wednesday, so we are really close to having some eggs! (I know I keep saying that. I'm just excited!)

And what's an Across the Branch post without Miss Blair?

She likes to throw rocks to the chickens.

She must be doing something right -- look at them following her! Especially Bert, he's right on her heels!

They followed her all the way down the driveway, but she couldn't get them to stay still to touch them.

Here chickens...

Down in her best animal calling position. After all, that's what daddy and GT do when they want her to come to them!

No luck.

So she went after them!


Linsey said...

This made me laugh! She is too funny!!