Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Independence Day

On Saturday before the Fourth of July, I met my parents and sister to have lunch at Lane Packing's annual Fourth of July celebration.

Blair was business as usual....

 Helping GT with his coke.

Helping Aunt Linnie with her lens cap.

And giving kisses.

Mema was also there with her friends, and she sat with us for a bit.

The only one I got with Mema not talking, and it's blurry!

Kisses for Mema too.

We also went to Lane's last year, and I have to admit that the food was not as good this year for some reason. I was really looking forward to the delicious ribs and corn on the cob again, but I think they used a different seasoning for the ribs, and they didn't have corn at all! It was good -- just not as yummy as last year.

Blair loved the food. She ate potato chips off the table.

There were zinnias to pick!

Her daddy taught her well -- giving one to mommy.

There was also dancing!

Lane's has once again made adjustments to their retail operation. It has come a long way from outdoor carpeted shelves loaded with baskets of peaches and teenagers (me included) shucking corn and bagging peas out back! They have enclosed the entire market so that it is air-conditioned. It is very nice. There is a wide selection of produce, jarred goods, and nuts. They also have fudge and those yummy candied almonds that smell so good while cooking that they're hard to resist. Then of course there's the homemade cobbler and ice cream and a delicious cafe for lunch.

Plenty of ice cream for all.

She's the best sharer and little mommy who tries to feed everyone.

The cone... 

...then she moved to the spoon.

If you have kids, Lane's is a neat place to visit because they have a nice playground. For the Independence Day celebration, there were several blow up things for kids to play on -- one even had water. Maybe next year Blair will be able to enjoy those!

It was a beautiful day with a nice breeze and very mild temperature for this time of year. We had a great time!

On the actual Fourth of July, we played at home and at the barn.
Blair "bathed" Gus.

And played in her favorite cooler.

And of course went for a ride on the "gah cah" (something like that).
It's great to live in a country in which we can do these things....


Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun time!