Friday, July 23, 2010


I think this might require some sort of professional intervention.

This is how she came back from Atlanta the other day. What in the world did this child do to get a nest like this? It was actually worse -- this is after I brushed out the dreads! I guess we can say her hair matches her personality... independent!

A bad hairdo didn't phase Blair in the least. She went about her business as usual.

 One look at this precious thing, and I'm not worried about what's going on in the back!


mountain mama said...

oh man, my girls would be throwing fits if i had to brush that out!

yes, with a smile like that it just doesn't matter!

have a great weekend! :)

Linsey said...

And you got on to me for calling it a rat's nest!! That day she had a rat mansion!!

Jen O'Daniel said...

Hilarious!!! Just hilarious!!!

Love the picture with her finger in her mouth... and love your new camera and the great pictures it is taking! Awesome birthday gift for sure!

Suz said...

Audrey's does the same thing every night! I use detangler on it each morning and it's still a battle.