Friday, July 2, 2010

Fork Lifts + Our Family = Damage

We have had recent fork lift issues. Brad came home Friday evening late with this:

and this:

Yes, that is was his phone, and yes, it should be in ONE piece!

Evidently it fell out of his pocket or off of the fork lift as he was loading a truck. Part of it got wedged behind a pallet, and part of it got run over by a fork lift on the floor of the semi. 

Then, Blair and I go out there Sunday for a quick visit, and my usual parking place was taken. I parked where I thought was still out of the way. I didn't think a thing about being near the fork lift path to get outside the barn. As I was just about to leave, one of the guys was using a fork lift to bring in more pallets from the stacks outside the barn. Just as he began to back onto the concrete, one of the stacks fell off of the fork lift (first time this year, I might add!) onto the back of my car. Lovely.

There's a pretty significant dent there, but it's not really that bad -- it could have been a lot worse!

I told Brad to just be glad it was my car and not one of the visitors' cars we had there that day -- now that would have been a mess!


CHERI said...

Ash, for some reason I can't see your latest pictures....only a white box with an X in the corner! Sorry about your car.

brooke lynn said...

oh...glad no one got hurt.

tried to email you that pic of us and my computer was acting up. i haven't forgotten though.

happy 4th! we're still in OK! :)