Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Blair Makes Peach Ice Cream

Growing up, my family made peach ice cream once or twice a week during the summer. Blair had her first experience making peach ice cream this week. Her job was to put the peaches into the food processor after I peeled them and pulled the fruit from the seed. I put them on a plate for her to pick up and put into the bowl. Blair took her job so seriously that she added to her duties.

She made herself the official peach taste tester.

peach ice cream 072710 (2)peach ice cream 072710 (1)

peach ice cream 072710 (4)

She tasted just about every one.

 peach ice cream 072710 (3)Bite and drop.  peach ice cream 072710 (6)Bite, bite, bite.

peach ice cream 072710 (8) peach ice cream 072710 (9) Lemme just check… yeah, it’s good.

peach ice cream 072710 (11)

Then she was the official button presser. Of course this was all well supervised, and I only plugged in the food processor when it was time to use it.

peach ice cream 072710 (14) 

And there was more tasting too.

peach ice cream 072710 (18) 

The food processor both scared and fascinated her.

peach ice cream 072710 (19)

Just for the record -- Blair doesn’t “cook” food I make if other people will be enjoying it!


mountain mama said...

hee hee, that's cute. what a good mama you are!!!

AA said...

yum!! compliments to the executive and sous chef. i love some mccord peach ice cream!

Anonymous said...

How patient you are.....and lucky she is !!! You're a good mama !!!