Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Pediatric Dentist and Sugar Bugs

I took Blair to the dentist last week. A few months back, I made an appointment with Dr. Margaret Moore, a pediatric dentist who was opening her private practice, Pediatric Dentistry of Middle Georgia, in the area. The office did not open until last week, so Blair was among the first patients to visit her in her new office! Dr. Margaret and her staff are so nice, and they are great with children -- Dr. Margaret actually has a child really close to Blair's age. Also, her office is brand new, modern, and so cute. The patient area is open and colorful and very child friendly!

They had only opened two days before we went for Blair's appointment, and and office was not too busy. Blair had fun running around in the waiting area.

And playing with the toys. Yes, I let her play with the toys. I never do that, but I don't think anyone had even played with them yet. 

I decided to take Blair to the dentist for a number of reasons. Her being in the NICU for so long could have affected her teeth (they are slightly discolored on the front), along with Pediasure and breathing treatments. I just wanted to make sure everything is okay. There have been so many nights when I had to feed Blair while she was sleeping -- we stopped only a couple of months ago -- and I worry that her teeth may be affected by it.

Blair did great -- Dr. Margaret was very quick in looking at her mouth, and Blair hardly knew it happened. It turns out that Blair does have a "sugar bug" or beginning cavity behind one of her front teeth. This sugar bug thing is new to me. I never had those when I was little. Evidently my mom and dad took care of my teeth! I couldn't help but wonder what I should have done differently for Blair. I didn't have a cavity until I was about to turn 30, and my daughter already has one?! Yikes! But, it's not bad, and Dr. Margaret treated it with some fluoride which will hopefully stop the progression. Best case is that she won't have to do anything else to it at all. Dr. Margaret does not want to have to do anything traumatic to Blair, and there are still other non-traumatic options if the fluoride doesn't work.

Dr. Margaret noticed that Blair's teeth are not even in the front, which may be due to her bumping one of them or the way she holds her pacifier in her mouth. We don't know, but it's not a big deal.

Blair loves to brush her teeth. We have been really good about brushing them twice each day for a while now, so we are going to continue doing just that with maybe a quick brush after eating during the day and if she drinks milk right before bed. Thankfully these are baby teeth. Although we do want to take care of them, she will not have to deal with this "sugar bug" forever. And we'll do our best to not have any more!

If you need a pediatric dentist, go see Dr. Margaret and her staff. They'll take great care of your little ones!


Lynn @whispersfromwildwood said...

That large tooth on the play table looks just like a little pillow someone gave Dillan when he was born. It came with a book about the tooth fairy and it had a little tiny pocket on the front of it where you could place the tooth for the tooth fairy to get that night. Such fond memories! He's 16 now. I know it's crazy, but I kept all of his baby teeth and put them in a baby food jar - lol! He saw them recently and thought it was too gross!

By the way, he had issues with his baby teeth too, but his permanent teeth are beautiful! They came in so straight that people think he had braces and they're much whiter than mine ever were. So don't worry too much about those baby teeth. Just keep up what you're doing and she'll be just fine.

mountain mama said...

thanks for the recommendation! :)