Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Orange ankles, how I've missed you!

You'd think this post might address a tan in the bottle gone wrong, but it actually refers to my playing softball last weekend for the first time in ages. And afterwards my ankles looked like this:

This is no sock tan; this is dirt -- from hard work!

My church entered a team into the Relay for Life softball tournament this weekend. It was a coed tournament, requiring at least five women on each team. And this girl (woman just sounds old!) had a blast!

 Nicole and I before the game.

I know that I'm aging myself when I say that I played slow pitch softball in high school. I believe my school swapped over to fast pitch shortly after I graduated. For a couple of years though, I was the pitcher for our team and loved it. My coach used to make me pitch over our bench as it stood up on end in between me and home plate. I'm thankful for that because after warming up a bit on Saturday -- a bit = a whole game for me now -- I could drop a nicely arched pitch right behind home plate -- every once in a while!

Even though it was so hot and I felt really old, made lots of mistakes, and didn't get near the hits I wanted, I had a ball playing; and it was neat to feel all of my little habits come right back when I started pitching.

 Our team.

We did fairly well in the first game, but we lost. We played our second game immediately after the first, and we got our rear ends spanked. But the whole day was good fun and fellowship for all. We left saying that we would have to try to get some folks from church to play a couple of games a few times a year. Sounds like a plan to me!

 I'll be happy to pull these out again. Hopefully they won't fall apart!

I'll just skip the part about how long it took me to stretch before the game, the two hour nap I took (needed) when I got home, and how sore I was the next day.


AA said...

That's awesome - great exercise!! Now, how are you going to even out your feet? ;)

Julia said...

It takes me back to our days of ADPi intramural softball....