Thursday, June 10, 2010

Nurse Blair

You think she's done this a few times?

 Checking her oxygen saturation with the pulse oximeter. The nurse usually puts the white and black probes on her foot -- just like Blair is doing!

Let's get an axillary temp.

Get a probe cover.

Just right!

This was a follow up visit for Blair. Several weeks ago, I thought she was getting another cold, but it turned out that she didn't -- thankfully. Even though she never got sick, she still needed oxygen during her naps. That's weird. We made the trip to her doctor to see the nurse practitioner who increased her nebulized steroid dosage. I also began giving Blair allergy medicine. After a couple of weeks, she was still needing oxygen for naps, so we are waiting another couple of weeks to see if the nebulizer steroids help. If not, we may have to restart the Lasix we discontinued after she got out of the Children's Hospital at the first of April. I certainly pray that we don't have to do that, but the crackles and increased need for oxygen may require it.

The good thing is that Blair is oblivious and keeps running us all ragged!


Linsey said...

Sweet Blair! She's a natural, like her mommy!

CHERI said...

This brings back such memories of Mandy's first few years...many trips to the doctor. It's so wonderful that children are so resilient and things that bother us they just seem to whiz through!