Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Melons a Rollin'

What have Blair and I been doing practically every day since the beginning of last week? Watching this:

We've got watermelons galore! And they're rolling in a new direction this year. They have added on to the barn and changed the watermelon line this year -- it's new (sort of) and improved!

Here they are being unloaded from the buses onto the belt and then brushed off by rotating brushes. Then back on the belt they go and into a box!


These will be hauled off to the cows.

Brad on the forklift.

When I was off on Wednesday, we were out there first thing in the morning to enjoy the less than 100 degree heat, again at lunch (for the taco truck of course), and then again in the late afternoon. 

 Playing in boxes.

The fork lift is always fun too!

Expert drivers.

 Big smile!

Blair loves checking some melons!

LOTS more to come! There can't be a watermelon season without a taco truck post or two, and of course I have lots more pictures to share!


Jen O'Daniel said...

Love the pictures of Blair in the box... what a cute smile! And she's appropriately dressed for watermelons, of course... Love it! :)

Jamie said...

Love that watermelon outfit...perfect for a watermelon day!
Wish I could eat some of those right now!!!

AA said...

LOVE her matching watermelon dress! And I agree with Orr- the ones in the box are precious!

mountain mama said...

blair is SUCH a cutie! i can't wait to see it all!!!! :) great pics!