Tuesday, June 1, 2010

First Swim

Back at the beginning of May, Blair and I went to a neighbor's pool for her first swim of the year.

She didn't love getting all the way in the water, but I really don't blame her because it was freezing. I just let her do whatever she wanted.

I tried some swimmies on her, and she kept saying, "off!"

And she mostly wanted to leave. She'll get better as we swim more! She loves the bathtub, the hose, and the spigot in the yard.
 Peeking outside.

Come on, Mama!
She was happy to have craisins when we got in the car.

Then, when we got home, I gave her a gatorade. I've found if it's frozen it doesn't spill everywhere, and she gets to be independent and drink it on her own! A sippy cup just won't do of course.

I'm sure we'll have lots more pool time in the coming weeks! It's hot already!


CHERI said...

The girl that teaches Mia & Reid swimming lessons says do NOT use swimmies. She thinks they get too dependent on them and don't learn to rely on their own skills. Mia will take lessons next week for the 2nd year. Her first dance recital is this Sat. She's also in summer school twice a week during June. Busy little lady!